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they were coming to attack their Castle, by this News he
was retarded in pursuing his Journey down.

From Cayouge he went to Onondaga, where they
had taken a Resolution that some of their Sachems need
stay at home to treat with the Messasaguas who were
daily expected, & Six other Sachems went with him.

From Onondaga he proceeded to a Castle of the
Tuscarores where News arrived that the Oneidas had
something to say wch. would stop his proceeding further
towards Albany. At this Castle News came that a
Sachem was dead belonging to the Oneidas whose Death
must be condoled before they could be spoke with.

Accordingly he proceeded to Onieda & joined the other
Nations in their Condolances in the Govrs. name. At Onieda
came a Deputation from the Schanastoghroenes, Who
are settled in the Oniedas Country, to make their acknow-
-ledgements to the Oniedas Tuscaroas & Mohawks, for the
Lands they had given them to live on, They at the same
time agreed to come down with him to the Conferrence
but a report coming the groote Joregers (a Sennecas Sachem)
had passed the Onieda Lake & said that the Bloody
Flux & Small Pox was so violent at Albany that
the People lay dead in the Streets & that he had left his
Wife there - upon this the Oneidas cryed out if they
went forward they would all die; hence Three Onon-
-daga Sachems Six private Sennecas & 6 of the Schanasstogh-
-roenes returned. The Interpreter assured the rest
of the Indians these Reports were entirely false &
by many other Arguments prevailed on them to pro -
-ceed, & before he came to Bennets-field Two difft.
Messages came with Two Belts of Wampum informing
him there was a French Army near Col. Johnsons
& the great Flatts to wst. of the Mohawk River
& also that there was an Army of English & Flat-
-heads to cut them off when they came to Albany

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