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"of their Goods & should employ whom they thought
"proper to ride their Goods over the carrying Place,
"And this the Oneidas particularly engaged themselves
"to observe above 15 Winters ago. If the Oneidas will
"ride Goods for the Traders at the same price & the same
"Loads as the Germans be as careful of the Goods & the
"Traders are inclined to employ them, I have no Objection
"against the Oneidas being employed as well as the

A Copy herof to be given by the Secry. to
His Honour The Lieut Govr.
Peter Wraxall

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At a Meeting of the Commissioners of Indian affairs
at the house of Robert Lotteridge June ye 27th 1754

Col. Scuyler
Robert Sanders Mayor
Sibrant G. van Schaick Recorder
Capt Beekman
Cornelius Cuyler Esqr.

Mr. Peters Mr. Franklin and Mr. Norris Gentlen.
from the Province of Pensilvania came to the
commissioners and demanded the accounts paid for
releasing four English prisoners named David Hendricks,
Alexander mc Ginty, Jabez Evans, and William Powell
who were taken near ohio by the French Indians
which accounts as delivered in by Messures Cuyler
and Sanders appeared in full to be Seventy two pounds
eight Shillings, which was paid down by the said
Pensilvainia Gentlen. and Messrs. Cuyler and Sanders
gave receipts for the same before the Commissioners

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