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At a Meeting of the Commissioners of Indian affairs at
the House of Robert Laterage July [?24]th 1754

{the following list of attendees to the left of the page, with the first four being identified by "Esqr"}Present
the Mayor
Cornelius Cuiler
John Beekman
Jacob C. Ten Eick
Cor M Schurler
Cap. John B.[?A]. Renselaar
Cap Peter Winne

Abraham Yates Jnr.
Dep. Secret:

{the following text commences to the right of the list of attendees:}Several Accounts Being Produced viz.

an account of Robert [?Sanders/Landers] Amounting

to £ 6 " 15 " 9
Pr. Do. of John Beeckman 3 " 3 " 6
Do. of Benjeman Goewy - " 8 " 6
Do. of Johannes Goewy - " 8 " 6
Do. of John Cuiler 1 " 9 " 6
Do. of Jacob C. Ten Eick 18 " 18 " 6
Do. of Cornelius Cuiler 17 " 8 " 2
Allowed to Abraham Wimple
on his account of £ 3 " 2 " 2 " 6 " 6
Do. of Myndert Schuiler - " 3 " 7
Do. of Edward Williams ___ 4 " 6
Do. of John [?] Petre 00 " 13 " 2
Do. of Robert Laterage 17 " 1 " -
D. of Peter Winne 7 " 19 " 6
Do of Johannes Seeger 12 " 8 " -
- 89 " 8 " 10
Mr John Beekman [?]:d: to Pay, out of the Commissioners Mony
Lodged In Your Hands, the Several Above Account, Amounting
to Eighty Nine Pounds Eighteen {NB sic - this written amount differs from the number set forth in the summary above} Shillings and Ten Pence and their Receipts shall
Be Your Discharge.
{a line occurs here to separate the above from the following}
At a Meeting of the Commissioners of Indian affairs at the
House of Robert Laterage July 27th 1754

{the following along the left margin:}Present
the Mayor
the Recorder
Cornelius Cuiler
Cap Winne
Cap Beekman
Jacob C: Ten Eick
Col: M: Schuyler

{the following text was to the right of the attendee names:}Resolved, that Dirk van Der Heyden, Procure two or
three Proper Indians, to go as Spies to Crownpoint. To Se Whether
there Be Any Preparations Made, By the French or their Indians
to Commit Hostilities on Our fronteirs. and that one of them Come
Immediately Back to Bring Answer, and the other Remain there
for a few Days

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In the written summary of the accounts, there is a discrepancy in the addition.


One of the listed names is Johan Jost Petrie (1686-1770). This scribe spells his name as "John jost Petre." He died in German Flats, Herkimer, New York. He was taken prisoner by the Indians in 1757 along with members of his family. According to a biography of him, he was detained in Canada, and was compelled by the Indians to wear a cap with tassels and bells and dance for the Indians' amusement.