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At a Meeting of the Commissioners of Indian affairs at
the house of Robert Laterage August 8th 1754

Mr Sanders Mayor
Mr. Van Schaick Rec.
Cap. Beekman
Cap. Winne
Col. M Schuiler
Cornelius Cuiler Esq.

Six Indian Sachems at Anondage and Taskarora to Wit, the
the Rootkop, the Bont, the Blatt Neus, Canegegaie, Taya=
=dagrode With About: 45 Wariers of that Cassel,
Apeared Before us, and Expressed Great Joy that his
Honour the Lieutenant Governour had Been Pleased
to Kindle the fire here at Albany Again, As Usual, Where all News
Must Be Brought, they Desire of this Board to Act Carefully With the Six
Nations - then gave few Strings of Wampon

they Desire to Be Excused, that No More of them Came Down to
treat With the Govenor, they Say that the Rum (Being So Plenty among
them) Was the Occasian, and hope there Will Be No Discontent amongst
us for it, then gave few Strings of Wampon

They also Desire of thsi Board that Tayadagrode Be Appointed
a Seachem In the Tribe of the Wolf, then give five Strings of Wampon

They Also Say that they are Promised frendship By the Governor,
and that he Would Provide them their Necessities. Accordingly they Desire
that a Proper Smith May Be Sent Among them, Who Shall Be Capable to
to Mend Their axes, hoes, and guns, and Also, as they have Been at Som
Expences, In Riding of their Canoe Over the Carying Place, and the falls,
and Shall Be at the Same Expence In Retorning Again, they Desire
it May Be Paid, as Also Provision Given for their Jorney home, that
they May keep their Yong man from Doing hurt {struck} Mischief to the farmers,
then give few Strings of Wampon

They further Say, they have Received last fall a Belt of Wampon from
the Govenors, of Verginia and South Carlina, as a Letter, to Inquire, whether Any of
the Six Nations have had a hand, In Killing Som of their People, they say they have
made a Strict Inquiry thereafter, But Cannot Perceive that Any of their Nations are
Guilty of it, and if Such Be Done, They Suppose it to Be Done By the french Indians

They further Say that they have Sent 3 Belts of Wampon to the
Govenor of Verginia, and Never had answer theron; they Desire that the
Belts May Be Returned With an Answer - they further Say that here
is an Indian, one of their Nation, Who Left Swegagie and the Corn he had
there Planted, In Obediance to our Govenors Request to the Six Nations,
and Came to Live With them, Whereby he is for this Year Debarred of his
Corn, they Desire that 3 Skipple of Corn May Be Given to that Indian
to Support his family

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