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The Commissioner of the Indian affairs, Replyed the Seachem and
Warriers, By Arent Stevins Interpreter of this Province as follows

Bretheren, We thank You for the Joy You Now Express, that
his Honour the Lieutenant Governour had Been Pleased to Kindle the fire
here at Albany as Usuel, and that all the News is to Be Brought here & You
Expected We Would take Care of the Six Nations, We assure You that All the
Prudent Care Possible Will Be taken By this Board of the Six Nations, Give
ten Strings of Wampon.

Bretheren the Reason You Assign that No Greater Number of Your
Nation came Down at the Last Treaty With his honour here, Wass Occasio=
=ned By the Plentifulness of Rum then Being Among You, Agreable
to Your Request to us, Since Rum is a Drawing Article We Shall Bury
it In Oblivion, and Expect for the future that the Same Shall Not happen
again, When the Govenor Sends Down for You, then give ten Strings of Wampon

Bretheren Since You Desire us to appoint Tacadagrode a
Seachem Amongst You in that tribe of the Wolfe, We Do agreable to
Your Request Appoint him a Seachem Among You, and to Confirm
him In that Post, We Give him One Aurora Blat {struck} Blanket, one Shirt, one
hat With a Gold Lace, and One Pair of Stockins

Bretheren You Say, that his honour the Govenour has Promised
You frindship, and that he Would Provide Your Necessities, and that you
Now Desired that he Should Send a Proper Smith to Reside Among
You, to Make Your Axes, and hoes, & Mend Your Guns, We Shall Agreable
to Your Requeset Recommand the Same to his honour the Govenour, and
Doubt Not, But he Will fulfill What he Promised You. and We Will
Pay Agreable Your Request for the Riding of Your Canoe and Calking
it at Schanegtande, and Give You Provision, on Your Retorn By the {
Way and While here

Bretheren as to What You Desire us to Make Known to the
Govenours of Verginia and South Carlina, Shall Be faithfully Done
By us In Your Behalves, and Since there is one of Your Nation here
Who Left Swegagie, and the Corn he Planted there, In Obediance to
Our Govenours Request to the Six Nations, Whereby he (for this year)
is Debarred of Indian Corn, and You Requested of us to Give him 3
Skipple Indian Corn, We Agreable thereto Give him an order to take
3 Skipple at the falls, By John Jost harkeman; and Expect You

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