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Contents, and In Obediance thereto We Have Endeavoured
to Git All the Material Intilligence In Our Power About the
Cutting off: of Part of Hosack & Sinckhaick Totally, Save one
House, the Affidavits You Have Here Inclosed, We had Already
Acquainted Our Indians of this Treacherous affair, and We are
Glad to See Your Honour Intends to Represent the Iniqui=
=ty of this Affair to the General of Caneda, for the Damage
Sustained thereby is at Least Ten Thousand Pounds. and had
it Not Been for the Intilligence Sent Here By the Anna=
=Gungue Seachems and Warriers, that had Been Here [illegible] to
the Annagungues treat With us, We Humbly Conceive
that All the Poor People Might Have Been Killed. and
We Can Assure You that the People of Hosack and Sinckhajk
Are In a Deplorable Condition, and Want Assistance to
Subsist --

We are With Great Respect Your
Honours Most Obedeant Humble Servants
Hubert Marshall
Myndert Schiuler
Cornelius Cuiler
Peter Winne
Robert Sanders
Lyrant Van Schajck
Johannes Beekmam
Jacob Ca: Ten Eyck

Then Several Accounts Being Produced to the Board,
Being a Examined, and the following Allowed

1 to Robert Laterage for freight to Schanegtande
and Beef for the Indians, Amounting to £ 3 " 19 " 6
1 D:o of Nicolaas Cuiler - 9 " -
1 D: of Benjeman Williams 9 " 10 " 6
1 Do of Strats Van Santfort for gunsmiths Work 1 " 10 " 6
1 Do of Mary Egbert for Porck 1 " 3 " 7½
1 Do of Abram Peek and Jacob Cooper for Beef to the Indians 3 " 18 " 0½
1 Do of Cornelius Cuiler - 17 " 2
2 of Jacobus Clement, one Amounting to £ 3 " for
Sundry Services Done a Interpreter and Also a
Jorney to the Mohacks Contry With the Cagnewages 3 " 5 " 8
Seachems, as Also one Account Amounted to 5/8. In All
1 Do of Robert Wendle for Sundry Services Done as
Interpreter , As Also for a Jorney to Schackkack [?00 " 20 " -]

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