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Whereas the Honorable James De Lancey Esq:r His Majesty
Lieutenant Governour and Commander In Chief of the
Province of New York &c With Advice of his Majesties
Council, Has Ordered that a fort Be Built at the Little
Carrying Place Just Above Saragtogue and Desired
The Commissioners of Indian Affairs to Employ Proper
Persons to Build the Same

In Obediance thereto, the Said Commissioners, Desire
All Persons Carpenters, Labouring Men and Waggoners
Who Are Inclin:d to Work to the Said fort, to Apply to the
Said Commissioners at the House of Edwerd Williams
A Monday the 16th Instant at 2 o Clock In the Afternoon
Albany 13th September 1754
By Order
Abraham Yates Jur. Dep Set

At a Meeting of the Commissioners of Indian affairs
at Albany 13 September 1754
{The following was set forth along the left margin:}
the Mayor
Cor:s Cuiter
Ja: C: Ten Eick
John Beekman
John B: V: Renselaar
Peter Winne
{The following began to the right of the attendance list:}
Between 30 and 40 Onyde Seachems and
Warriers Appeared to this Board
And Said Bretheren, You Lately Sent
a Message to us (Vide minutes of the 13th August
1754) on Account You Heard that a Great
Number of us Were Agoing to Caneda. and
Desired us Not to go, and that Kawege with 2, 3 or 5 at
the Most Should Come here, Whereupon We Agreed that
to Send the french flag and Belt Back to the Preast. and come
Now here, to hear and See What Cawege Does here
Had We But gon to Caneda, there We Would have Got Handsome
Presents, the french Understands the Indian affairs Better
then Your People Does, they are more generous; and that Draws
the Affections of the Indians (from You) to them

A Letter Wass Braught In from Col: Marshall, on
Account of the Indians firing their Guns Last Night
When they Come In Town, and Also Informed this Board
that the Said Indians had Insulted Denial M. Michael

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