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Great Degree, and We our Selves, have been Both Ear and
Eye Witnesses of a Very Odious Action, that Som of Your Men
did Last Night, on there Coming to Town. Now Since We are
Bretheren and friends together We Desire You Not to Molest
or Abuse Any of Our People for the [?few] [?times] By the Way
Nor to Commit or Be Guilty of Such Like Actions for the
future as Your Men Did Last Night for here In Town for the future
for it Might Be of Bad Consiquence for the [?] on Both
Sides, Since You Know We have Lately Been Surprised (In
time of Peace) By Som Treacherous Enemy
{A line of separation follows}
At a meting of the Commissioners at Albany
September 14th 1754
{The following was set forth along the left margin:}
the Mayor
the Recorder
Joh: Beekman
John B: V: Renselaar
Cap Winne
Cor Cuiler
Jacob C TenEick
{The following begain to the right of the attendance list:}
the Onyde Seachems and Warriers
Replyed to the Spech of Yesterday

Bretheren as to the News of the
Verreberg We have Enquired Into, and find
the Same to Be Groundless, Howevir
We Shall take Care for the future
that No Such happen By Either Seachems
or Warriers. it Seems there is a Discord Between You and
the french, We Will Mediate the Difference as much as
Lies In our Power on Both sides, and if that Will Not do
and We Should Be Attacked We Shall Joyn You, and Dye Hand and Hand According
to the Old Covenant,

You Have Desired that Kawege Should follow the Steps
of his Predecessor (Caronda) Who Never Wass at Caneda.
He Also Never Came here to treat With the Governour,
But Wass Always Busy With the five Nations to Strength
=en and Pecify them, and did only Look this Way

When You Perswaded us, Not to Go to Caneda, You Said
What Will You Do there, is it for a Gun or two, You Know
our Bretheren have more Goods then they. We are
Now Come here, Consider What Quantity of Goods We
Would have Got, if We had Gone to Caneda With Such
a Number. We See What You are agoing to give us,
Here Lays 20 Blankets & 10 Shirts With Pipes and tobaco.
We Desire You to take Care of this Indian Whoom You

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