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Have Invited, Whose affection is Now Set upon You
and Promises Never to [?Leave] Go to Caneda
You Som time Past Got Letters from Ohio, Whereby
You had Intillegence, that Som of the five Nations
And All the Shawenas had joyned the french (In the
Battle vide Minutes of 3th August 1754) against Your People: and Desired that Every
Nation Should Call his People Who Were Scattered about the contry together
Who Were Reported Should have Joyned the french
We Sent a Massage Accordingly, But they are Not Were
they used to Be, Some are on one Side of the Mountains
and Som on the Other. So that they are Not to Be found
then Gave a Black Belt of

Bretheren as We have mentioned Just Now How faith
=full We are to You, We Once More tel You, We are
Not Like the Rest of the five Nations Who only talk With their
Mouths, And Dont Mean it With their hearts, But
We Speak it from the Botem of our Hearts, that We
Shall Always Keep hand and hand Until We Dye together
thereupon give a Large Belt

We Desire You that No Rum Be Sent Among up the
River, there are now Again 3 Dead, Who Dyed from the
Rum. the Rum is Entirely the Ruin of our Nation
We Can Do No manner of Business; Neither Can [?]
We take Care of the News

The Commissioners Replyed them

Bretheren You Seem to Express Som Discontent About our
Small Presents. You Doubtless must have heard; that our
Governour Wass here Lately, and that he then Gave to the
Six nations, (By Way of Speaking) Not only a house full of
Goods, But a Whole Street full of All Sorts of Goods, as
Doubtles Som of You have Been Eye Witnesses of; if Not
it Must Be Your Own fault, Since You Were All Invited
to Come here, So that You have Nobody to Blame But
Your Own Selves. and if you had Not Your Share thereof
We Look on You to Be Reasonable Man Enough to Know
that, that is Neither the Governours Nor Our fault But
Your Distributers only; for We think [?] that [?illegible insert at caret] the

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