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and told him that they Were Now Paid. then Proceeding
to Croinpoint he found 5 More of these Eastern Indians
Who had 4 Scalps.
the Commissioners Asked them, Whether they had Been With
those he Met first, He Says No these Scalps, they had taken
Below Dearfield. he Says further that he Never heard that
Hosack Wass Cut of Before he Came to Lake Sacrema
from our Mohack Indians.
then the Commissioners Asked him Whether He thaught
the Cagnewage Indians Would Not take the Hatched from them
Answered Yes Sure, Else they Would Be Worse then Brutes, Since
So Lately they had Been here to Treat With the Commissioners
the Commrs further Asked him, Whether the Man of War Wass
arrived In Caneda, Replies Yes. and Braught News that
there Wass No Likelihood of War.

they Also asked him About Ohio
He Replies, that the People Retorned All from their
Excepting 40 Soldiers 20 In Each fort. And these that
Were Retorned Were Mostly Sick of the fever, and
Were About 4 or 500 In number. the Cagnewage
Seachems Just Arrived In Caneda When he Came
the Prisoner Braught here By Charle Cook
Says the General of Ceneda and the Commandant
at Craunpoint had Expected an Ambasedor of
from here
{A line of separation follows}
At a Meeting of the Commisse
of the Indian Affairs At Albany Sipt 24th
{The following was set forth along the left margin:}
Cap Beekman
the Recorder
Cap Cuiler
Col M Schuiler
the Mayor
Cap Winne
Jacob C T Eick
John B: V: Renselaar
{The following began to the right of the attendance list:}
Ordered that the following Letter Be
Wrote to his Honour the Governour

May it Please Your Honour
Since Our Last of the 16 Instant to Which
We Refer, had None from You
the Present [?Serves] to Cover and Convey
You Our Minutes, from the 5th
to this Day
{The following was set forth along the left margin:}
To the Honorable
James DeLancey Esq
his Majesti?es Lieu
Governour and
Commander In Chief
{The following was to the right of the above:}
We are With Profound Respect
Your Honours Most Obediant
Humble Servants

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