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At a Meeting of the Commissioners
At Albany September 27th 1754
{The following was set forth along the left margin:}
Col Marshal
Cap Renselaar
the Recorder
Col M Schuiler
Jacob C Ten Eick
Cap Cuiler
the Mayor
Cap Winne
Jacobus Clement
{The following began to the right of the attendance list:}
Kaiengode a french Indian from
Cagnewa appeared to this Board

Says after he Left Cagnewage
Being at St Joins With his Baggage
there he Tarried 4 Days On Account
of the Bad News that Came from
Here, and Whilst he Was there he
Received a Messenger, from the
Cagnewage Seachems; Who told him
to Proceed to Albany and to tell the Commissioners there
that the Seachems Shall Come to Albany, for this is
too heard, first We have Been With them to Open and
Clear the Road, and Now there is Again Mischief Done.
the Cagnewage Seachems are Men of Knowledge, Who
takes this Very Much to heart, the Governour of Caneda
has Also Been In the Cagnewage Castel, and Says
he Knows Nothing at All About this Affair, and Suposes
the Schaigkak Indians Were the Occasion of it

Ordered that the following Letter Be Wrote to
his Honour the Leutenant Governour of New

May it Pleas Your Honour
Since our Last of the 24th Instant, Here Arrived
a Canoe from Caneda With 3 Cagnewage Indians
& a Boy, one of Which We had Before us, and
Braught us a Message from from the Cagnewage
Seachems, As You Will See By the Enclosed Minutes,
We Have Somtime Past Sent Your Honour the Minutes
of a Treaty We had With the Cagnewage Seachems.
Which Will Be Glad to Receive Your Honours
Answer thereon
if the Cagnewage Seachems Should Come Again this
fall We Would Be Exceeding Glad to have Your Honours

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