Status: Needs Review

Honours Advice How to Act With them
We are of Opinion that it is Very Necessary to keep frend
=ship With them. the Arrival of this Canoe, Encoraged
the People of Schagkok (and Others) to Retorn to their
Habitations Again, In Order to Sow their Lands, Which
Otherwise they Would Not have Done out of fear.
this Indian tells us that there is About 14 Days Ago
Burnt 35 Capital Houses In Montreal, and 3 Church=
We Remain Always Your Honours
Most Obediant Humble Servants
{A line of separation follows}
At a Meting of the Commis at
Albany September 28th 1754
{The following was set forth along the left margin:}
Cap Beekman
Cap Van Renselaar
Mr Ten Eick
the Mayor
the Recorder
Col Marshal
Col M Schuiler
Cap Cuiler
Cap Winne
Arent Stevins Interpreter
{The following began to the right of the attendance list:}
3 Mohack Seachems (to Wit)
[?Hendrick}, Johannes, Sojahowanne,
and Several Warrier from
Canajoharre, and the Mohacks
Cassel Appeared to this Board
Who Say that Bretheren Ought
to Speak to Each other, Moderate
[?] , and In a frindly together
Manner - and Desire
This Board to tel them, What We have Been
Doing With the Cagnewage Indians, -
and also they also Enquire for Jacobus Clement, and
Desire the Commissioners to Send for him

Ordered that Jacobus Clement Be Sent for

then the Commissioners Repeated to them
the Whole Speach (vide August 30th 1754)
the Seachems Replyed We are Now Come to Smoke a Pipe

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