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With You, and Desire You to Tell us What News
You got among You, We Also Desire You to tell
And In Particular What News You have from Westenhook
We Desire You, Not to hide Conceal Any News from
Us As Since We are Bretheren together: for We
have heard that the Stockbridge Indians are All
In Geol:
then further Say that they Shall Conceal Nothing from
the Commissioners, But Reveal Discover Every thing of News
that Lays on Our their heart,

the Commissioners Replyed them
In the following Menner

Bretheren We Dont Remember Since We have
Been Commissioners but What We have told You,
All the News We had from time to time: for You
Wass Present, When We Entered Into the Covenant
Chain, With the Cagnewage Seachems, for themselves
Also the Canassedages, Randax, and Annagungues;
When Hosack Wass Cut of Destroyed We Imediately
Sent You Word: Desiring You to Let All the five
Nations Know Also What had Happened there
As to the News of Westenhook We are hetherto
Ignorant of, for We Never had Any Letter from there
to this Day, but as Soon as they Communicate
to us What happened there, You May Depend We Will
Acquaint You of it, howevir We have heard by Word
of Mouth On the Streeth, that there Was three Kild
of the English But We have Never hetherto heard heard that there
Were Any Indians Committe to Goal; Here in the house
Are Some People from Kinderhook (Who are Neighbors
to Westenhook) Who Just Now told, that they Never heard
of any Indians, Being in Prison,

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