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What We Now Say We hope Will Satisfy Convince
You, that We have Not hid Nothing (of News) from You
and We are Glad to See You here, and Do Assure You
that We Shall Always Look upon You as Good Bretherin
& Promis to let You Know from time to time, if any
News of Moment Should happen
Gave a Belt

Resolved By this Board, they they Be Given Provisions
and £ 4 " - In Cash
then they Replyed, Bretheren We Thanks You for
Your Kind Speech, and We are very Glad that We Part In [?]
Good friends Such Great Satisfaction and for a token hereof
We Shall Write this In Your Book
([?{several words here in Indian language}]) In English,
(We have this Day, made In Albany Every thing as
Right as it Can Be) - Written By the
hand of Powelis By Order of All the Rest
{A line of separation follows}
At a Meeting of the Commissioners
At Albany October 2th 1754
{The following was set forth along the left margin:}
Col Schuiler
Cap Cuiler
Cap Beekman
Mr Ten Eick
Cap Van Renselaar
Mr Groenendik
Jacobus Clement
{The following began to the right of the attendance list:}
Seven Delegate fro Seachems of the
Cagnewage Castle Appeaered, and Say
As follows viz

Bretheren You have had Great Sorrows
together, We Wipe the Tears from Your
Eyes, Open Your Understanding, Wash of
Your Blood, Condole the Death of all
the People You have Lost, that
We May Behold Each Other With Joy
Gave few strings of Wampon

the Commissioners Bid them Welcome, and Said
that Jacobus Clement Shall Go up to Schanegtande to
tell the Interpreter (Arent Stevins) to Invite 3 Seachems
of the Mohacks and 3 out of the Canejoharre Castel, to
Albany, then they Produced a letter from a
french Priest, With one Inclosed from the

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