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Governour of Montreal

Ordered that the following Letter Be
Wrote to Arent Stevins
this is to Inform You that 7 Kag=
=newage Delegates are Arrived here Last Night
I am hereby to Desire You, that You forthwith (on
the Receipt hereof Proceed to the Mohocks, and Desire
3 of their Principle Seachems one out of Each tribe
to Come to Albany. Also 3 out of the Canejoharry
Castle, In order to hear the Spech of the Cagnewages
{A line of separation follows}
At a Meeting of the Commissioners
At Albany October 8th
{The following was set forth along the left margin:}
Col M Schuiler
the Recorder
Cap Winne
Jacob C Ten Eick
Cap V: Renselaar
Cap Cuiler
Cap Beekman
the Mayor
{The following began to the right of the attendance list:}
Arent Stevins Appeared to this Board
With the Cannejohary Seachem Mohaik and
and Canejoharry Seachems and Several
Warriers and one [?] Seachem (to wit) -
Cawege from Onyde
the Commissioners told them By Arent Stevins, that they
Were Welcome, and that they had Sent for them on
Account of the Cagnewage Delegates, Who Wanted to make
a Speech to them. Also Asked them Whether they
had Somting to Say first; if Not, they Would Send for
the Cagnewages.
they heartely thanked the Commissioners, and Say they
have Nothing to Say
then the Commissioners Sent for the Cagnewage
Deligates and told them that they, In Conjunction
With the Mohocks and Canejoharry Seachems Were
Ready to hear them

the Cagnewage Delegates Replyed
Bretheren, We Come Now Again to Renew What our
Bretheren have Done here Lately Som time Ago
the Mischief happened here Lately, You Most Not
Be Very uneasy About; for you Must Not take

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