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as Done By Man, But as if it Was Done By the
Devil. (Meaning A Percel of fellons). - the last time
when We were here to Renaw the Covenant Chain, We
told you that if Any filt or Dirt Should Come In the
Way, We would come and Clear the Same Again, and keep
the Covenant Chain from Rust, and if any Dark Clouds
Should Come In the Sky, We Would Clear and Seperate
-- Which We Do Now accordingly, and Confirm
the Same By this Belt
Gave a Belt

Bretheren if any thing Should Be Amiss In
What I have Now Said, I Desire to be Excused
and take No Notice thereof.

Concerning the Mischief Lately Done, it Seems
We, In Our Contry, Differ in Opinion With the
Malefactors; But We Cagnewages Shall Stick to the
Covenant, and Do Our Endeavour With our Allies
to Make Every thing Right
Gave a Belt

Brother [?Queter] We have [?Yet] Long Since Cleard
the Road, there has Been a Great Stumbling
Block In the Road, We Now Come to Clear it up
and keep the Same open, that you and We may
Pass and Repass
Gave a Belt
{A line of separation follows}
At a Meeting of the Commissio
ners at Albany october 9th 1754
{The following was set forth along the left margin:}
the Recorder
Cap Winne
Jaceb C Ten Eick
Cap V Renselaar
Cap Cuiler
Col M Schuiler
Cap Beekman
the Mayor
{The following began to the right of the attendance list:}
the Commissioners In Conjunction
With the Mohocks and Canejoharre
[?] Seachems, Replyed the Cagnewages

Bretheren You Wiped the tears
Out of Our Eyes, and Opened our
Understandings, and [?Washed] the
the Blood, Condole the Death of
People We had Lost. that We Might
Behold Each Other With Joy.
We Likewise Do the Same to You
Gave a Belt

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