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Bretheren You Renewed What Your Bretheren
Had here Done Lately, and Desired us Not to Be
Very uneasy About the Mischief Done here Somtime
Ago, and Said that We must Not take it as Done By
Man, But By the Devil, and that you told us the
Last time When you Was here to Renew the Covenant
Chain, if any filt or Dirt Should Come In the Way,
You Would Come and Clean it from the Same, and
keep the Covenant Chain free from Rust. and if Any
Dark Clouds Should Come In the Sky, You Would
Clear and Sepperate, and You did the Same
Accordingly, and Comfirmed the Same By a
Belt. for Which We thank You
Gave a Belt

Bretheren You Desired of us to Be Excused
and that No Notice Might Be taken thereof, if
there Should Be Any thing Amiss In What You Said
-- You Also Say that it Seems You
are of Different Oppinions With the Malefactors
In Your Contry, But that You Will Stick to the
Covenant, and Do Your Endeavours With Your Allies
To Make Every thing Easy Right.
We thank You for the Same
Gave a Belt

Bretheren you further Said that you have
Not Long Since Cleared the Road, and that there
Been a Great Stumbling Block In the Way,
Which You Now take out, and keep the Same Open
that We May Pass and Repass. - We thank for
Your Speech
Gave a Belt

Bretheren Since Lately one of Your Chiefs
(to Wit) Anogregegta &c Were here With us, and
Renewed the Old Covenant Chain for Your Nation,
the Canassedages, Annagungues, and Rondax, and Said
he had full Power of them All, So to Do, and So on
after Hosack Wass Cut off to Our Great Surprise,

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