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And As We Look upon You, to Be the head
of All Your Allies, We therefore Desire You Again
to use and Do All Your Utmost Endeavour to
Prevent All Hostolities for the future, On Any of
his Majesties of his Majesties Subjects

The Cagnewage Delegates Replyed
Bretheren We thank You hartely for Your Speech
We Shall Consider on the Last Paragraph When
We Come In Our Castle
{A line of separation follow}
Ordered that Arent Stevins Send few
Strings of Wampon to Conejoharre, to Desire
the Seachems [?] , to Rebuke the Warriers
there for the Mischief Done By them In going up
{A line of separation follow}
Ordered that a Present Be made to the
Mohack and Conejoharre Seachems of [?monetary units] In Cash
{A line of separation follow}
Ordered that the following Letter Be
Wrote In Answer to the Letter of the french Priest

Albany 9th Octo 1754
We have Received Your Letter of
the 16 Instant by [?Sanusies], Also that of
Your General, Inclosed In Yours.
We Shall Send them Both to Our Governour
At New York
We are With Respect
Your Most Humble
the Missioneries P. R. [?Bellcard]
and Gordan

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