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one of Johannes Blecker
One Do Johannes Lansing
One Do of Peter Groenendyk £ 1 " 8 " 8
{The following was set forth along the left margin:}
At a Meeting
October 22
Col Schuiler
Cap Cuiler
the Mayor
{The following began to the right of the attendance list:}
Resolved that the following Letter Be Wrote
to the Lieutenent Governour

Albany October 17th 1754

May if Please Your Honour We have this
Sent Day Agreed With John Van [?Tice] Hendrick M Wimple
Hendrick Wendle & Valkert Van Vegten, to Go to the
Senecas Contry, and Gave them the Enclosed Instruct
=tiens, We had first Agreed With Myndert Wemple
Who Would have Gone, but is Now taken Sick
We have Also Sent Michal [?Basset], John: J: Bleeker & Horsnapes Cuiler [illegible] to Onondage
As Your As Possible Honour Will find By their Instruction
We Would Be Very Glad if Som Allowance
Should Be made to Jacobus Clement, he has
Done us a Great Deal of Service these 3 Months
Past as Interpreter, Because Arent Stevins Lives
at Such a Distance from here: [illegible]
and Somtimes Otherwise Employed by us In Said
We have heard that there is 6 franch Man of War
Arrived In Caneda, Whic We Suppose Breught
We are Most Respectfully
Your Honours
Most Humble Servants

for Michal Basset, John J. Bleeker & [?Harsn??]
Whereas the Honorable James De Lancey
Esqr: his Majisties Leuitenant Governor and
Commander In Chief of the Conoly of New Yo[rk]
&c has Ordered us to Send a Smith to Onondage
to Reside there as [?Much]:
You are therefore As Soon as Posseably You Can to
Repair thither and During Your Stay there, to Do

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