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Which May happen to Come Among them
and Prevent their Residing In that Contry
if Posseably You Can

You are Likewise to Do Your Utmost
Endeavour to keep the Indians firm to his
Majesties Interist, and those that are Wavering
In their Allegience to his Said Majesty, You
are to use You Utmost to Bring them Back
to their former frindship to the English Nation,
You are Also to Acquaint the Lieutanant Governour
or Commander In Chief for the time Being
or the Commissioners; or the Commissioners
of the Indian Affairs at Albany from time
to time, With All Such Intilligence as You
Shall there Receive, You are Also to Observe the
Instructions the Governour, or the Commissioner
of the Indian affairs Shall Send You from
time to time
Given Under Our Hands
At Albany October 26th 1754
{The following was set forth along the left margin:}
Col M Schuiler
the Mayor
the Recorder
Cornelis Cuiler
{The following began to the right of the attendance list:}
At a Meeting of the Comiss=
at Albany November 5th 1754

Resolved that the following
Lett Be Wrote to the Governour

Albany November 5th 1754
May it Please Your Honour
We have Received Your of the 21th
Ultimo, and have Agreable to Your Request
Sent Hendricus Wimple John Glen Jnr &
Gose S: Van Schaick to Caiuga (With the
Inclosed Instructions, a Place Where is Little
or No trade
We Remain With Great Respect
Your Honours
most Obediant Humble

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