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{The following was set forth along the left margin:}
City of Albany ss
December 28
{The following began to the right of the above:}
then Appeared Before me Hans Han[?sen]
Esqr: Mayor. Jacobus Clement, Who Being
Duly Sworn Sworn On the Holy Evangelist
of the Almighty God, and on his Oath
Doth Say that Som time In August Past, he Wass Sent
to the Mohocks, to Accompany the Cagnewage Seachems,
And Observe their treaty, With a Letter to Coll Johnson
from the Commissioners of Indian Affairs, Desiring
him to take Notice Also of What Passed Between them
And Says he Wass Present at the Treaty.
He Says that the Cagnewages Condoled the Death of
of the Son of [?Nethey] the Seachen, Who Dyed at Caneda
And told the Mohacks What Care they had taken of
him, As Also the french Priest: how he had Buried
him Into Holy Ground, and Did Not Doubt But
that he Wass happy for that very Reason
then gave few Strings
they Said further that it Seemed as if the Road had
Been full of Old trees and Sumbling Blocks,
Which they Were Come to Clear: from Cagnewage to
thereupon to Canejoharre Gave a Belt

they Said further Bretheren Since We have
Cleared the Road, and Nothing Being In the Way,
We Desire You that our & Your Yong People May
Pass and Repass to and Again
thereupon Gave a Belt

they further Said. Bretheren if You Should hear Any Bad
News, We Desire You Not to take Notice of it, But Go &
See from Whence it Proceed from, As We Will Do Likewise
thereupon gave a Belt

the the Mohacks Replyed, By Repeating Every Paregraph
of the Cagnewages; & Exchanged the Belts; And then Said
that they Would Look upon the Road, and See Whether
they Would keep it Clear
{A line of separation follows}
the Deponent Says further, that he tould Coll Johnson that
he Would Write it Down Whereupon Col. Johnson Said he Would Also.
the Deponent Says further that they have had Private
Meetings Out of his Presence, But What Passed he Cannot
Say. and further Says Not

Hans Hansen Jacobus Clement

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