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the Major
the Recorder
Col: Schuiler
Cap: Winne
Cap: Cuiler

At a Meeting of the Commissionery
of Indian Affairs at Albany January 9th 1755
Resolved that the Clark Write the
the following Letter to the Interpre-
To Mr Aarent Stevens
You are Directly after the Receipt
Hereof, to go to the Mohacks Coutry to Git 3 trusty
Indians to See What Passes at Crounpoint, & if you
Can Get None There Then You are to Go to Canejo=
=harre & Git 3 there

By order of the Commissionners
of Indian Affairs
Abraham Gates Jnr [& Sec ?]

Ordered that the following Be Wrote an ^(Answer) to the
Letter of John Van Sire

To Mr John Van Sire Albany January 9th, 1755
Yours of the 23 Decemb: came
to Hand. As to the News from Ohio, We hope May
Be true: All tho We Doubt it, and Concerning the
Indian Corn, We Shall Let the Governour Know thereof.
We Send You the Medal By Volkert Van Beyton [crossed out ]
You are to take Special Care of the Indians; that they
Dont go A fighting, agaist Any of his Majesties
Subjects, Or Indian Allies to the Southward
By Order & etc;
the following Was Wrote
To Mr Hendrik Wimple
January 9th 1755
Yours of 22 Decemb Come to hand
We are Sorry You had the Misfortune that the
Ballace ^(Was Broke, But it is Well) [crossed out] You Get the Same Mended
Again & are at Work & that the Indians are Well Pleased
With You, and hope You Will Please Do Your Endeavour
to Please the Indians, or that You Will take Special Care, that
they Dont Go A fighting, Against Any of his Majesties
Subjects, Or Indian Allies to the Southward

By Order & etc

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