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the Mayor
the Recorder
Coll: Schuiler
Cap Cuiler
Cap Winne
Cap Beekman
Mr Ten Eik
At a Meeting of the Commifsioners of
Indian Affairs at Albany January 9th 1755
John Davison Who is Imployed By the
Government of Pensalvania to Conduct two ---------
Indian Chief to Onandge (to Wit, Scarrayadye &
Arows, one of the Oneide & the Other of the Seneka
Nation; Along With the Said Indians -------------
Appeared to this Board. Said Davison ------------
Produces a paper from the Lieut. Governour of
Pensalvaia, Also one of the Lieut. Governour
of New York

The Commifsioners Bid them Welcome
& Wiped the Tears out of their Eyes According to the
them All Sevilities
Usual Ceremony and Shewed ^ Desired them to Say
their News.

The Chiefs Replyed

Bretheren We thank You for that you have
Wiped the tears Out of Our Eyes & Cleard Our hearts
& etc ______ Which We Do Likewise
they Produced a Letter from Gove: Delaney to this

Ordered that a Slee Be given as far as the Mohacks
for the Chiefs

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