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At a Meeting of the Commissioners of Indian
affairs At Albany January 19th 1755

Col Schuiler
the Mayor
Mr. Ten Eich
Capt Cuiler
Corp I Renselaar
Cap Winne
Cap Beekman

Arent Stevins Appeared to this Board
With three Indians to go to Crownpoint
to Wit (Lorance) Set, & Johannes ----
the Commissioner Agreed With Them
for 4/ per Day, They are to take Each
two Blankets of Strands for Payment, & the Remainder
For Mony. they are to Spend No more than
12 Days, or 15 At Most, they are to Be Provided
With a [crossed out] Buckskin to Make Shoes, they are
Also to have Powder & Lead, a pair Sno Shoes & Proviscan

At A Meeting of the Commissioner
of Indian Affairs Albany Jan 17th 1755

the Recorder
Cap C. Renselaar
Cap. Winne
Cap. Cuiler
Mr Ten Eick
Cap Beekman

the Past Braught a Letter to This
Board from Governour Selaney
Dated 10th January 1755
Resolved that the Same Be taken
Into Consideration

At a meeting of the Commissioners of Indian
Affairs at Albany January 20th 1755
the mayor
the Recorder
Col Schuiler
Cap [?] Renselear
[Jaidens?] Clement

Canotenck a Seachem from Onandage
Appeared to this Board, the Commiss=
Bid him Welcome, & Desired him
to tell them Some News
He Says that the Seachem Were All
Returned home from Caneda
But had Not had No Meeting When
he Went from home, So that the News Was yet
Private; But he Says he has Been ^(Lately) At Oswego
[crossed out] Were he has heard, that they had Been to

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