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& that the 5 Nations, most take Pitty on their Childeren
for the English who they called Bretheren, Were Busy
to Distroy them Whereupon they are to have a general
meeting in Onandage.

The Commissioner asked the Seachem What he knew
of that; Who confirms the Same

He Says Also that the french Continually Sent forces
and Arms to Ohio.

at a Meeting of the Commiss: of
Indian Affairs At Albany Janr: 21: 1755
Col: M: Schuiler
the Mayor
the Recorder
Cap Winne
Cap Beekman
Cap Renseler
Cap Cuiler

Ordered that the following Letter Be
Wrote to the Honorable James De Laney
Esqr: Sent Governour &c at New York

Albany 21st January 1755
May it Please your Honour
Your favour of the 13 Instant We Reced, and
Noted the Contents. We Shall Do Every Thing in
Our Power to keep the Indians firm to his Majesties
Interest, But it Cannot be [crossed out] Expected that
We With 170£ Can Doe things of Great Consequence
With the Indians (Which Mony has Been Long Exhausted)
the french are at a last Expence With them, and
thereby gets a great Many Indians In their Interest
Which makes them very Powerfull; and Even our
Indians they give Yearly so many presents that
they Back Out of Interest and fear : they [crossed out] Lean
to the french , the Occasion at Which is that this
Province Doth Not Assure the Indians of Any
Protection Against the french: In Case they Should
Engage In a War Against them, By Bulding
fortifications in their Contry & Do Not Constantly
Give them Presents for Comparison With the french
We Beg Leave further to Represent to your Honour
the Hardships this Contry Labour under, more then the
Rest of the Province , On Account of the Marceles
Savages, their Burning & Destroying our Settle[ment]

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