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Letter of John Van Tice ( vide Minutes 23 Ultime) In it
he has Wrote us Concerning An Ingagement there
Should have Been At Ohio Between the English &
the french; Which We Perceive Groundless, Else Would
have Sent the Letter to Your Honour.
He Also Writes us that the Senechas [Seacherry?] have
Desired him to Write to us for a [Batae?] Load of ^(troden) Corn
& that the Corn is Very Scarce there, We Dont Know
Whatt to Do in this matter,for fear of Making the
Other Nations Jealous, Who at the Same time are
In Want Also.

As far as We Can Learn there is A General
Invitation, made By the Governour of Caneda to
to the Six Nations to Come & treat With him in the
Spring We thinck it Will Be Very Necessary
to Send up Early In the Spring, proper Persons
Along With the Interpreter to Reside ther
for A While, to Prevent there Going, But
Not With Emty hands.

The Indians from [Canejeharsy?] Expects
that Your Honour Will Appoint [crossed out]
Jacobus Clement as Second Interpreter, According
to Your Honours Promis to them As they [begin crossed out]Say[end crossed out] ^(tell us)
We Must Realy Say a Second Interpreter
is Much Wanted here
We Remain &c

Present at a Meeting of the Commiss: of the Indian
Affairs At Albany January 25th 1755
Col: Schuiler
Jacob Ten Eick Esqr:
Cap: Renselear
Cap: Beekman
Hans Hansen Esqr. Mayor
Col: Marshall
Sybrant V Schaick Recorder
Jacobus Clement Interpreter

the threee Mohack Indians (to Wit)
Lawrance, Set, & Johannes, Who Were
Sent to Crown point (vide Minutes Januy.
14th 1755 ) Returned to this Board
they Say, that they have Been No
further than About have Way , Between
the Carrying Place, And the Lake
Sacrema, Where they found Som
Mohacks & [Cagoreneage?] Indians,
(Who Laid A Hunting there) With Whom they Consulted,
Who Perzwaded them to Retorn Bacck: as there (At Crown point)
Was Nothing Stirring, May be it Would Give Suspicion

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