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Present At A Meeting ofthe Commiss: of Indian
Affairs At Albany february 4th 1755
Hans Hansen Mayor
Sybrant V: Schaick Recorder
Capt Cuiler
Capt Beekman

Davit, A Mohack Indian Appeared to this
Board, Who Was Sent (Last Week) In Order
to view Crownpoint: But (at the Wood Creek)
he had the Misfortune to hurt himself, &
So Returned Back.

Resolved that Nanning Fisher Go to the Carrying
Place With a Copy of the following Letter (In Dutch)
to Dirk Van Der Heyden

be Pleased to Procure, one or two, trusty Indians
to go to Crownpoint, to See What Passes there, and Agree
With them as Well as you Can, and Pay them When
they Return Back, and the Commissioner Will Repay
you. and if it So be [crossed out] you Can git the Indians,
Directly, then Naning is to Stay So Long Untill they
Return Back, to Make Report to this Board,
Give them [6?] Along to Buy them a Couple
of french Blankets, for a token that they have Been
there. A few Days after Nanning Fisher
Reterned home; & Reported that there Were No Indians=
=to Be had there

At a Meeting at the Commissioners of Indian
Affairs At Albany february 8th 1755
the Mayor
the Recorder
Col Schuiler
Capt: Cuiler
Capt Beekman
Jacob Ten Eick Esqr:

the Commissioner Being
Informed that Hendrik With his
Company, Were Arrived from
the Commissioner, Invited them
[crossed out] [illegible]
to come to the Board, & Sup With them, Which
they Accordingly did & [crossed out] Shewed
them Proper Marks of Distinction, to their
Great Satisfaction

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