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At a Meeting of the Commissioners
of Indian Affairs at Albany [Mert?] 7th 1755
the Mayor
the Recoeder
Jacob T: Eick Esqr:
Col: Schuiler
Cap Cuiler

Jacabus Clement Produced a Comm[ission]
from the Honorable James De Lancey
Esqr: his Majesties Liutenant Governor
& Commander In Chief In & Over
the Province of New York &c
to Be an Indian Interpreter
Also Appeared to this Board the half King,
Anrosa, & Several of the five Nations
the Commissioners Asked them, Whether they
had Any thing to Offer to this Board
The Half King Replies, When he Came at Onyde
the Seachems Were first Returned ^(home) from Caneda
Who Reported, When they came In Moreal, the
Commander Desired them Proceed to Quebeck
Which they Would Not Consent to, Still the
Commander Insisted on their Going, Which they
Refused, And Asked the Commander how he
Would like it if he Came to treat With them,
to Be Sent to Another Place. then Im^(m)ediate=
=ly there Was a Post Sent to Quebeck, and on
his Return, the Commander Treated With them
tould them he Was Sorry for the Mismanigement
of the Onydes, Cayugas & the Sinnick; Asked them
Why they Did Not Call their Bretheren home from

then the Half King told them, that he, & an Other
Cayugar, & a Sinnik Was meant there with, to Which
he made the following Answer. Why Should I Be
Called from there; I Live upon my Own land
and fight Against the french; Why Does Not he
Call his People home Who are Building forts at
Ohio upon Land Which Does Not Belong th him
We Did Not Envite them to Build forts there.
I Advise You to Go In the Spring to Caneda, and
make the Covenant Stranger ^(than Ever it was) With the Cagoreways
& Canossedages, and Desire them Not to Assist

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