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the Caynges have Granted your Request & Will
All Stay home
Whereas [G??] five Strings [Wamson?]
We are Also Sent Down by our Whole Nation
to Beg & Desire you to Assist us With Som
Indian Corn; for Without your Assistance We are
Like to Starf, for Want thereof, Or Be Obligated to Go
to the french for their Assistance, Who (We belive)
Would Be Very Glad to Supply Our Need

Then gave a Belt

they Also Desired us to Have Some of their
hatcheds [hatchets] & Guns Mended. Which Request Was
Granted, and had them Mended Accordingly

The Commissioners Answered them
In the following manner
Bretheren Wee thank you & All your Nation
for Granting our Request In Not Going out a
We are Sorry to hear that you are Stuck In
Want for Indian Corn, & you Doe very Well that
You are Come Down to Your Bretheren for
Assistance We Grant Your Request, & Shall Supply
You With three Canoes full of Indian Corn
But you must Come to Schanegtande & fitch it
for there is None at the Great flatts,
& We Shall Give You Some Bread & Pork; and
Write to Mr. Herreme to Give You So much Corn,
As you may Want on your Jorney In Going home
As We Were Informed Some time Past, that You
& Your Neabours the Sinecas Were In Want of Corn
We have Already Acquainted Our Governour
therewith, Who has Desired us in a Particular Manner
to Supply You With Corn & Will Always Take as
Much Care of You as Lays In his Power

then Gave a Belt

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