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The Commissioners Replyed
Brether[en] Yoy doe very Well that You Apply to this
Board, for ^(your) Necessaries: for We Shall Always take Care of You
As much as Lays In Our Power, ... and We Shall keep
Ourselves Alwais firm to that Covenant made By our
Ancesters - & Shall Supply You With Som Powder & Shot
[crossed out]
We Heard Last Winter that You Were In Want of
Provisions, & did Let the Governour Know of it, Who has
Been So Good as to Send up Corn, and Ordered the Same
to Be Brought to the flats, Were it Shall Be Ready
for Your People
Resolved that 25 lb of Powder & 75 lb of Shot Be Given them

Cap Winne
Mr Mynderse
the Recorder
Capt Renselaar
At a meeting of the Commissioners of Indian
Affairs At Albany Aprill 22th 1755
a Principal Seachem from the Senecas
Contry Appeared to this Board, Who Says he
Was Sent By their Castle to Enquire
Whether the Letter of John V: Tice came
to hand, Concerning their Necessity of Indian Corn
Brethere it has Been Reported, that perhaps
the Interpreter Should Come up to Call the Six Nations
Down, ifso; We Desire You that he may Bring a
Batoe Load of Provision Along: for Without Which, We
Cannot Come down: for We are Very Scarce of

Commi: Brother We have Already aquainted
the Governour that You Were In Want of Indian
Corn, Who has [crossed out] Sent Som Corn up, Which
is to Be Lodged at Mr. Herkemans, Where You
May [crossed out] fitch it When You Please

At a meeting of the Commissioners of
Indian affairs at Albany May 4th 1755
the Mayor
Cap Beekman
Mr Ten Eick
Cap Cuiler
3 Cagnewage Indians Appeared to this
Board, ( two of them have Been twice
Down, last Winter, to Look for one
Johnson from New England, Who Was
taken Prisoner Along With his Wife &

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