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Wife & Childeren, Somtime Past, Who Agreed With the french
Indians; to go home & fitch Mony to Redeem his Wife &
Childeren from them) they Say that they Went Last
Winter from their Hunting House to the Carrying Place
Where they found James Conner With a Servant of his
With When one of them traded for a Cap, for two Legs
of venizen, after he had Bought the Cap, he Met one of these
Indians, Whom the Cap did Belong to, told him it Was
his, and that he Left it In a Tronk With Said Conner
- When they Came to Conner, he offered them a
thousand Wampen to Bring him to Caneda; Which the
Indians Refused: Saying that then it Would Be Reported
that they had taken a Prisoner. - then they
Got a Quarriling about the Cap, When James Conner
told them, take care In 6 days time there Will
Be An Army of 8000 English, to Build a fort Who
Will take Away All Your furr, and Distroy You -
Where upon they Directly Left their Place; Went to
Caneda With this News, (Which has Put All the Indians
In Alarm, and have Since that time Expected
the Army Every Minute ) - the Cagnewages
Resolved to Send those ^(Same) Indians as a Schant, on Purpos
if the feller Should Deny, to Confront him, and
tel him Every Word he Said: and When they Came
Down to Saratagne they Did Not Doubt, The -
truth thereof, Because All the People had [crossed out] ^(Left)
their Places

The Commissioners Replyed
Bretheren as to What You tell us About, an Army
We know Nothing About, & it is a Lying feller that tould
You So, Which You See Now With Your own Eys
We Desire You to depart this Place to Morrow Morning
& Gave these Strings of Wampon to the Cagnewages
and Assure them that We keep our Selves firm to
The Covenant made Last Summer,
Then Gave ^(The) few String Wampon

Bretheren As to the People Leaving their Places is very
true, the occasion of Which is, the Distroying of [crossed out]
Hosack and that these Indians have Not Been here to
Reconsile the Matter

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