Albany Commissioners of Indian Affairs Reports, June 1753 - May 1755

Copies of correspondence, reports of meetings with Native American groups, and remarks on fort construction, prisoner exchange, rivalries with the French, religious evangelization, and diplomacy.



"of their Goods & should employ whom they thought "proper to ride their Goods over the carrying Place, "And this the Oneidas particularly engaged themselves "to observe above 15 Winters ago. If the Oneidas will "ride Goods for the Traders at the same price & the same "Loads as the Germans be as careful of the Goods & the "Traders are inclined to employ them, I have no Objection "against the Oneidas being employed as well as the "Germans."

A Copy herof to be given by the Secry. to His Honour The Lieut Govr. Peter Wraxall

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At a Meeting of the Commissioners of Indian affairs at the house of Robert Lotteridge June ye 27th 1754

Present Col. Scuyler Robert Sanders Mayor Sibrant G. van Schaick Recorder Capt Beekman Cornelius Cuyler Esqr.

Mr. Peters Mr. Franklin and Mr. Norris Gentlen. from the Province of Pensilvania came to the commissioners and demanded the accounts paid for releasing four English prisoners named David Hendricks, Alexander mc Ginty, Jabez Evans, and William Powell who were taken near ohio by the French Indians which accounts as delivered in by Messures Cuyler and Sanders appeared in full to be Seventy two pounds eight Shillings, which was paid down by the said Pensilvainia Gentlen. and Messrs. Cuyler and Sanders gave receipts for the same before the Commissioners

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At a meeting of the Commissioners at the house of Robert Lotteridge July 2d 1754.

Present Col. M. Scuyler Capt. Beekman Mr. Sanders Mayor Mr. Vanschaick Recorder Mr. Cors. Cuyler Col. Marshal Ja. C. Ten Eyke Esqr. Mr. Groonendike -

May it please your Honr.

We were very much surprised to hear that Hendrick and Abram Speakers of the Indians told your Honr. in publick yesterday that no Message had been sent by the Com= =missrs: of Indian Affairs to acquaint them, that Commissioners for Indian affairs had been appointed --------------- and also that arms and Amunition had been daily sold by the people of the County of Albany to the French at Albany and Oswego. which arms and Amunition the french now made use of against the English at Ohio.

all which we absolutely deney, and as to the first charge, we beg leave to refer your Honr. to the Publick register Book of Indian Affairs, the Copy of which being carefully examined with the original we inclose to your Honr. in which it appears, due, and early notice was regularly given by Arent Stevens Interpreter of the Indians for this Province to all the six nations without exception as your Honr. may see by the answer of

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of the said Arent Stevens to this board, which we also present to your Honr::

As to the second Charge of Selling arms and Amu= =nition, we are well assured by our Long Experience in the French and Indian trade, that our traders carry neight arms nor Amunition to trade with the French or Indians at Oswego - nor do the people of Albany trade with the french in arms or amunition - but on the Contrary there is French Guns and Powder brought frequently from Oswego and Canada to Albany, which arms are more Esteemed and the powder better and cheaper than ours in General

all which we think necessary to acquaint your Honr. in order to clear our conduct - and the false aspersions laid on the traders -

And we pray your Honr. to incert this in your speech to the Indians, and that they may inform your Honr. in publick, who the persons are, that have sold arms or amunition to the french or Indians - which they say, they make use of against the English now at Ohio -

Resolved that the Mayor and Recorder present this adress to the Govr. -

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45 At a Meeting of the Commissioners of Indian affairs at the House of Robert Laterage July [?24]th 1754

{the following list of attendees to the left of the page, with the first four being identified by "Esqr"}Present the Mayor Cornelius Cuiler John Beekman Jacob C. Ten Eick Cor M Schurler Cap. John B.[?A]. Renselaar Cap Peter Winne

Abraham Yates Jnr. Dep. Secret:

{the following text commences to the right of the list of attendees:}Several Accounts Being Produced viz.

an account of Robert [?Sanders/Landers] Amounting

to £ 6 " 15 " 9
Pr. Do. of John Beeckman 3 " 3 " 6
Do. of Benjeman Goewy - " 8 " 6
Do. of Johannes Goewy - " 8 " 6
Do. of John Cuiler 1 " 9 " 6
Do. of Jacob C. Ten Eick 18 " 18 " 6
Do. of Cornelius Cuiler 17 " 8 " 2
Allowed to Abraham Wimple
on his account of £ 3 " 2 " 2 " 6 " 6
Do. of Myndert Schuiler - " 3 " 7
Do. of Edward Williams ___ 4 " 6
Do. of John [?] Petre 00 " 13 " 2
Do. of Robert Laterage 17 " 1 " -
D. of Peter Winne 7 " 19 " 6
Do of Johannes Seeger 12 " 8 " -
- 89 " 8 " 10
Mr John Beekman [?]:d: to Pay, out of the Commissioners Mony Lodged In Your Hands, the Several Above Account, Amounting to Eighty Nine Pounds Eighteen {NB sic - this written amount differs from the number set forth in the summary above} Shillings and Ten Pence and their Receipts shall Be Your Discharge. {a line occurs here to separate the above from the following} At a Meeting of the Commissioners of Indian affairs at the House of Robert Laterage July 27th 1754

{the following along the left margin:}Present the Mayor the Recorder Cornelius Cuiler Cap Winne Cap Beekman Jacob C: Ten Eick Col: M: Schuyler

{the following text was to the right of the attendee names:}Resolved, that Dirk van Der Heyden, Procure two or three Proper Indians, to go as Spies to Crownpoint. To Se Whether there Be Any Preparations Made, By the French or their Indians to Commit Hostilities on Our fronteirs. and that one of them Come Immediately Back to Bring Answer, and the other Remain there for a few Days

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At a Meeting of the Commissioners of Indian affairs at the house of Robert Laterage August 8th 1754

Present Mr Sanders Mayor Mr. Van Schaick Rec. Cap. Beekman Cap. Winne Col. M Schuiler Cornelius Cuiler Esq.

Six Indian Sachems at Anondage and Taskarora to Wit, the the Rootkop, the Bont, the Blatt Neus, Canegegaie, Taya= =dagrode With About: 45 Wariers of that Cassel, Apeared Before us, and Expressed Great Joy that his Honour the Lieutenant Governour had Been Pleased to Kindle the fire here at Albany Again, As Usual, Where all News Must Be Brought, they Desire of this Board to Act Carefully With the Six Nations - then gave few Strings of Wampon

they Desire to Be Excused, that No More of them Came Down to treat With the Govenor, they Say that the Rum (Being So Plenty among them) Was the Occasian, and hope there Will Be No Discontent amongst us for it, then gave few Strings of Wampon

They also Desire of thsi Board that Tayadagrode Be Appointed a Seachem In the Tribe of the Wolf, then give five Strings of Wampon

They Also Say that they are Promised frendship By the Governor, and that he Would Provide them their Necessities. Accordingly they Desire that a Proper Smith May Be Sent Among them, Who Shall Be Capable to to Mend Their axes, hoes, and guns, and Also, as they have Been at Som Expences, In Riding of their Canoe Over the Carying Place, and the falls, and Shall Be at the Same Expence In Retorning Again, they Desire it May Be Paid, as Also Provision Given for their Jorney home, that they May keep their Yong man from Doing hurt {struck} Mischief to the farmers, then give few Strings of Wampon

They further Say, they have Received last fall a Belt of Wampon from the Govenors, of Verginia and South Carlina, as a Letter, to Inquire, whether Any of the Six Nations have had a hand, In Killing Som of their People, they say they have made a Strict Inquiry thereafter, But Cannot Perceive that Any of their Nations are Guilty of it, and if Such Be Done, They Suppose it to Be Done By the french Indians

They further Say that they have Sent 3 Belts of Wampon to the Govenor of Verginia, and Never had answer theron; they Desire that the Belts May Be Returned With an Answer - they further Say that here is an Indian, one of their Nation, Who Left Swegagie and the Corn he had there Planted, In Obediance to our Govenors Request to the Six Nations, and Came to Live With them, Whereby he is for this Year Debarred of his Corn, they Desire that 3 Skipple of Corn May Be Given to that Indian to Support his family

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