Albany Commissioners of Indian Affairs Reports, June 1753 - May 1755

Copies of correspondence, reports of meetings with Native American groups, and remarks on fort construction, prisoner exchange, rivalries with the French, religious evangelization, and diplomacy.


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97 Present At a Meeting of the Commissioners of Indian Affairs at Albany Janu: 9 1755 Cap Winne

the Recorder [Skanegrade?] a Princepal Cap: John B: S: Renselaer

Jacob C: [Penluk?] Esqr Searchers from Caiuga Appeared to this Board, Who Expresses Great Cap: Co: [Cucler?] Joy to Meet us here In Perfect Hans Hanson Esqr Mayor healt[h], and assures us of his [fidelity?], Who - from his Youth has Been Linked In the Covenant Chain ----------------------------------- He Says that Som time Past, he Intended to Go Out A fighting, But On his Jorney the Warriers Got Sick, and So Was Obliged to Retorn home. When he heard that Hendrik Wimple Was Sent By the {squiggle} Governour to Reside Among them (In Caiuga) as Black= =smith (for Which they Were All very glad) But on his arrival there, he found that the Ballace Was Broke & Cut to [Pieces?]. the Indians then Advised him to go to the Senecas Contry to [do^] their Work there; Which Wimple Consented to, But In his Jorney there he found a french man, Who Lived Between Caiuga & the Senecas Contry: Who--------- Could Mend the Bellace, & Did it Accordingly. then gave a Belt

The Commissioners Replyed Brother We are Also glad to See You here, and that you are Well Satisfied With the Smith the Governour Sent to your Castle, and hope you Shall Always Keep Your Self firm to the Covenant, as you have Just Now Expressed; But are Sorry to find that your People has Distroyed the Belles. We Desire you to take Better Care of the tools for the future. and Also that. you Don't go Out a fighting to------- Any of his Majesties Indian Allies We Shall Satisfy you for Comming Down [then] two Letters Was Braught to this Board, one out of the Senecas Contry {this line inserted below} of John [lian?] [Sire?] {^ above line inserted here} & one from Hendrik Wimple from Caiuga

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Present the Major the Recorder Col: Schuiler Cap: Winne Cap: Cuiler

At a Meeting of the Commissionery of Indian Affairs at Albany January 9th 1755 Resolved that the Clark Write the the following Letter to the Interpreter To Mr Aarent Stevens Sir You are Directly after the Receipt Hereof, to go to the Mohacks Coutry to Git 3 trusty Indians to See What Passes at Crounpoint, & if you Can Get None There Then You are to Go to Canejo= =harre & Git 3 there

By order of the Commissionners of Indian Affairs Abraham Gates Jnr [& Sec ?]

Ordered that the following Be Wrote an ^(Answer) to the Letter of John Van Sire

To Mr John Van Sire Albany January 9th, 1755 Sir Yours of the 23 Decemb: came to Hand. As to the News from Ohio, We hope May Be true: All tho We Doubt it, and Concerning the Indian Corn, We Shall Let the Governour Know thereof. We Send You the Medal By Volkert Van Beyton [crossed out ] You are to take Special Care of the Indians; that they Dont go A fighting, agaist Any of his Majesties Subjects, Or Indian Allies to the Southward By Order & etc; ---------------- the following Was Wrote To Mr Hendrik Wimple January 9th 1755 Sir Yours of 22 Decemb Come to hand We are Sorry You had the Misfortune that the Ballace ^(Was Broke, But it is Well) [crossed out] You Get the Same Mended Again & are at Work & that the Indians are Well Pleased With You, and hope You Will Please Do Your Endeavour to Please the Indians, or that You Will take Special Care, that they Dont Go A fighting, Against Any of his Majesties Subjects, Or Indian Allies to the Southward

By Order & etc

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99 Present the Mayor the Recorder Coll: Schuiler Cap Cuiler Cap Winne Cap Beekman Mr Ten Eik At a Meeting of the Commifsioners of Indian Affairs at Albany January 9th 1755 John Davison Who is Imployed By the Government of Pensalvania to Conduct two --------- Indian Chief to Onandge (to Wit, Scarrayadye & Arows, one of the Oneide & the Other of the Seneka Nation; Along With the Said Indians ------------- Appeared to this Board. Said Davison ------------ Produces a paper from the Lieut. Governour of Pensalvaia, Also one of the Lieut. Governour of New York

The Commifsioners Bid them Welcome & Wiped the Tears out of their Eyes According to the them All Sevilities Usual Ceremony and Shewed ^ Desired them to Say their News.

The Chiefs Replyed

Bretheren We thank You for that you have Wiped the tears Out of Our Eyes & Cleard Our hearts & etc ______ Which We Do Likewise they Produced a Letter from Gove: Delaney to this Board

Ordered that a Slee Be given as far as the Mohacks for the Chiefs

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Present Sybrant Van Schaik Recorder Hans Hanson Mayor John Beekman Jacob Ten Eick Col M Schuiler Cornelius Curler

at a Meeting of the Commifsioners of Indian Affairs at Albany January 13th 1755 the following Accounts Were Delivered at this Board & Examined

one account from Abraham Donne . . . . . £1"10"--- /D: from John Lansing . . . . . ---04"8--- /D: from John Fryer . . . . . 1"2"6--- /D: From Jacob Cooper . . . . . 3"18"6-- /D: Myndert Schuiler . . . . . 19"02"7-- /D: from Peter Winne . . . . . 19"08"0"1/2--- /D: Niclas Cuiler . . . . . --"3"----- /D: Jacob C. Ten Eyck . . . . . 25"3"2"--- /D: from Robert Sanders . . . . . 13"0"6--- /D: from Sybrant V. Schaik . . . . . 15"--"--"--- /D: from Robert Latterage . . . . . 14"17"6"--- /D: from John Beekman . . . . . 9"4"9"1/2--- /D: from Cornelius Cuiler . . . . . 59"11"3"--- /D: from Teady Magin . . . . . 10"--"--"--- /D: from Jacobus Clement . . . . . £194'3"2"--- ----16"--- 195"19"2

Resolved that the above account be paid Mr. John Beekman Be Pleased to Pay out of the Commifsioners Money Lodged in Your Hands the Several Above Accounts, Amounting to One Hundred & Ninety five Pounds, Nineteen Shillings & Two Pence & their Receipt Shall Be Your Discharge

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101 At a Meeting of the Commissioners of Indian affairs At Albany January 19th 1755

Present Col Schuiler the Mayor Mr. Ten Eich Capt Cuiler Corp I Renselaar Cap Winne Cap Beekman

Arent Stevins Appeared to this Board With three Indians to go to Crownpoint to Wit (Lorance) Set, & Johannes ---- the Commissioner Agreed With Them for 4/ per Day, They are to take Each two Blankets of Strands for Payment, & the Remainder For Mony. they are to Spend No more than 12 Days, or 15 At Most, they are to Be Provided With a [crossed out] Buckskin to Make Shoes, they are Also to have Powder & Lead, a pair Sno Shoes & Proviscan

At A Meeting of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs Albany Jan 17th 1755

Present the Recorder Cap C. Renselaar Cap. Winne Cap. Cuiler Mr Ten Eick Cap Beekman

the Past Braught a Letter to This Board from Governour Selaney Dated 10th January 1755 Resolved that the Same Be taken Into Consideration

At a meeting of the Commissioners of Indian Affairs at Albany January 20th 1755 Present the mayor the Recorder Col Schuiler Cap [?] Renselear [Jaidens?] Clement Interpreter

Canotenck a Seachem from Onandage Appeared to this Board, the Commiss= Bid him Welcome, & Desired him to tell them Some News He Says that the Seachem Were All Returned home from Caneda But had Not had No Meeting When he Went from home, So that the News Was yet Private; But he Says he has Been ^(Lately) At Oswego [crossed out] Were he has heard, that they had Been to Caneda

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