Albany Commissioners of Indian Affairs Reports, June 1753 - May 1755

Copies of correspondence, reports of meetings with Native American groups, and remarks on fort construction, prisoner exchange, rivalries with the French, religious evangelization, and diplomacy.



to Condale the Death ^(of a great ) man, As Also to [crossed out][Caderoggu?] and When they Came In Caneda they Were All Draught for Cagnewage, [crossed out] the Interpreter Cleard their Eyes Opend their Hearts ^(&c) As In the [usuel?] Ceremony.

then the Officer Stood up & Said Childeren Our governour you Expect to Se here, is Gone to Quebeck, and Desires you to go there Also.

The Seashems Replyed of other What you Desire us, We Intend Not to Doe, for the Cold Weather is Nigh at hand & Want to Go home Again.

Still the Officer Insisted on their Going then the Seashems Consulted Each Other, & Resolved Not to go.

Then there Was a Post sent to Quebick & Was In ten Days Back Again

Then the Commanding Officer took 3 string at [Wourpon?] and said Childeren I am glad to see you here. But it seems that the Whole Number of the five Nations Are Not here, [?Janis] the Mohack. I am very Sorry that this man, who Was a father to you is Now Dead (meaning the former Commanding ^( officer)) the Governour of Quebeck Intends to go to Old frenc & that an Other Governour Shall Come In his Room Next Spring & he Shall Treat With them In the Spring When he hoped they Would All Be there together then he Desired the Onendage Seachems, to tell his Childeren the Mohacks, Certeinly to Come, In the Spring and Was to be affreid, that there Was No harm.

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& that the 5 Nations, most take Pitty on their Childeren for the English who they called Bretheren, Were Busy to Distroy them Whereupon they are to have a general meeting in Onandage.

The Commissioner asked the Seachem What he knew of that; Who confirms the Same

He Says Also that the french Continually Sent forces and Arms to Ohio.

at a Meeting of the Commiss: of Indian Affairs At Albany Janr: 21: 1755 Present Col: M: Schuiler the Mayor the Recorder Cap Winne Cap Beekman Cap Renseler Cap Cuiler

Ordered that the following Letter Be Wrote to the Honorable James De Laney Esqr: Sent Governour &c at New York

Albany 21st January 1755 May it Please your Honour Your favour of the 13 Instant We Reced, and Noted the Contents. We Shall Do Every Thing in Our Power to keep the Indians firm to his Majesties Interest, But it Cannot be [crossed out] Expected that We With 170£ Can Doe things of Great Consequence With the Indians (Which Mony has Been Long Exhausted) the french are at a last Expence With them, and thereby gets a great Many Indians In their Interest Which makes them very Powerfull; and Even our Indians they give Yearly so many presents that they Back Out of Interest and fear : they [crossed out] Lean to the french , the Occasion at Which is that this Province Doth Not Assure the Indians of Any Protection Against the french: In Case they Should Engage In a War Against them, By Bulding fortifications in their Contry & Do Not Constantly Give them Presents for Comparison With the french We Beg Leave further to Represent to your Honour the Hardships this Contry Labour under, more then the Rest of the Province , On Account of the Marceles Savages, their Burning & Destroying our Settle[ment]

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& murdering the People Which very Likely We may Expect Next Summer Again, While the Rest of the Province may Sit and Enjoy the fruits of their Labour Our City is Partly Enfend: With a parcel of Rotten Stockades [crossed out] have of Which Ready to tum=ble Down: the City gates, Block houses & Batteries All out of Repair, the Corporation Incumbred Into A Debt of upwards of a thousand Pounds Contracted In the Last War , towards Repairing Said Block= & Batteries &c (and have at present no Income at All) for Which very Reason, they Cannot git Either Work men or Materials on the Credit of the Corparation or Province. All our Inhabitants to the North of this City are Already Busy to Remove their Goods. In Order to Desert their habitatians, on the first Alarm, the Inhabitants of this City Able to Bear Arms, Will hardly Amount to 400. A Number lastly Insufficiant to Guard this City

We Beg Leave to Offir Our thoughts on that Subject to Your Consideration, Which if they seem Reasonable We hope Your Honour Will Be Pleesed to Lay Before the Other [Brances?] at the Legislatur

We think that the Only Way to Engage the Indians heartily In Our Interest is to Bring Our Selves In a Proper Poster of Defence, And Nothing more Necessary then that a Stone Wall Shall Be Build About this City. the management of the Indian Affairs Requires A large Sum of Mony more than We have At Present, At this Critical Juncture We are Aware that this Will Be Attended With A Considerable Expence, But it Seems Such as is Absolutely Necessary , for the Preservation of the fronteers of this Province the Inhabitants Will Otherwise Be Obligated to Desert their habitations; Or Be Every Minute Exposed to the Cruelty Even to the very Gates of the City (if Not the City itself) You Will Se By the Answer We [pro]vide to the

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105 Letter of John Van Tice ( vide Minutes 23 Ultime) In it he has Wrote us Concerning An Ingagement there Should have Been At Ohio Between the English & the french; Which We Perceive Groundless, Else Would have Sent the Letter to Your Honour. He Also Writes us that the Senechas [Seacherry?] have Desired him to Write to us for a [Batae?] Load of ^(troden) Corn & that the Corn is Very Scarce there, We Dont Know Whatt to Do in this matter,for fear of Making the Other Nations Jealous, Who at the Same time are In Want Also.

As far as We Can Learn there is A General Invitation, made By the Governour of Caneda to to the Six Nations to Come & treat With him in the Spring We thinck it Will Be Very Necessary to Send up Early In the Spring, proper Persons Along With the Interpreter to Reside ther for A While, to Prevent there Going, But Not With Emty hands.

The Indians from [Canejeharsy?] Expects that Your Honour Will Appoint [crossed out] Jacobus Clement as Second Interpreter, According to Your Honours Promis to them As they [begin crossed out]Say[end crossed out] ^(tell us) We Must Realy Say a Second Interpreter is Much Wanted here We Remain &c

Present at a Meeting of the Commiss: of the Indian Affairs At Albany January 25th 1755 Col: Schuiler Jacob Ten Eick Esqr: Cap: Renselear Cap: Beekman Hans Hansen Esqr. Mayor Col: Marshall Sybrant V Schaick Recorder Jacobus Clement Interpreter

the threee Mohack Indians (to Wit) Lawrance, Set, & Johannes, Who Were Sent to Crown point (vide Minutes Januy. 14th 1755 ) Returned to this Board they Say, that they have Been No further than About have Way , Between the Carrying Place, And the Lake Sacrema, Where they found Som Mohacks & [Cagoreneage?] Indians, (Who Laid A Hunting there) With Whom they Consulted, Who Perzwaded them to Retorn Bacck: as there (At Crown point) Was Nothing Stirring, May be it Would Give Suspicion

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Present At A Meeting ofthe Commiss: of Indian Affairs At Albany february 4th 1755 Hans Hansen Mayor Sybrant V: Schaick Recorder Capt Cuiler Capt Beekman

Davit, A Mohack Indian Appeared to this Board, Who Was Sent (Last Week) In Order to view Crownpoint: But (at the Wood Creek) he had the Misfortune to hurt himself, & So Returned Back.

Resolved that Nanning Fisher Go to the Carrying Place With a Copy of the following Letter (In Dutch) to Dirk Van Der Heyden

Sir be Pleased to Procure, one or two, trusty Indians to go to Crownpoint, to See What Passes there, and Agree With them as Well as you Can, and Pay them When they Return Back, and the Commissioner Will Repay you. and if it So be [crossed out] you Can git the Indians, Directly, then Naning is to Stay So Long Untill they Return Back, to Make Report to this Board, Give them [6?] Along to Buy them a Couple of french Blankets, for a token that they have Been there. A few Days after Nanning Fisher Reterned home; & Reported that there Were No Indians= =to Be had there

At a Meeting at the Commissioners of Indian Affairs At Albany february 8th 1755 present the Mayor the Recorder Col Schuiler Capt: Cuiler Capt Beekman Jacob Ten Eick Esqr:

the Commissioner Being Informed that Hendrik With his Company, Were Arrived from Philadelphia, the Commissioner, Invited them [crossed out] [illegible] to come to the Board, & Sup With them, Which they Accordingly did & [crossed out] Shewed them Proper Marks of Distinction, to their Great Satisfaction

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