Albany Commissioners of Indian Affairs Reports, June 1753 - May 1755

Copies of correspondence, reports of meetings with Native American groups, and remarks on fort construction, prisoner exchange, rivalries with the French, religious evangelization, and diplomacy.


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107 At a Meeting of the Commissioners of Indian Affairs at Albany [Mert?] 7th 1755 Present the Mayor the Recoeder Jacob T: Eick Esqr: Col: Schuiler Cap Cuiler

Jacabus Clement Produced a Comm[ission] from the Honorable James De Lancey Esqr: his Majesties Liutenant Governor & Commander In Chief In & Over the Province of New York &c to Be an Indian Interpreter Also Appeared to this Board the half King, Anrosa, & Several of the five Nations the Commissioners Asked them, Whether they had Any thing to Offer to this Board The Half King Replies, When he Came at Onyde the Seachems Were first Returned ^(home) from Caneda Who Reported, When they came In Moreal, the Commander Desired them Proceed to Quebeck Which they Would Not Consent to, Still the Commander Insisted on their Going, Which they Refused, And Asked the Commander how he Would like it if he Came to treat With them, to Be Sent to Another Place. then Im^(m)ediate= =ly there Was a Post Sent to Quebeck, and on his Return, the Commander Treated With them tould them he Was Sorry for the Mismanigement of the Onydes, Cayugas & the Sinnick; Asked them Why they Did Not Call their Bretheren home from Ohio

then the Half King told them, that he, & an Other Cayugar, & a Sinnik Was meant there with, to Which he made the following Answer. Why Should I Be Called from there; I Live upon my Own land and fight Against the french; Why Does Not he Call his People home Who are Building forts at Ohio upon Land Which Does Not Belong th him We Did Not Envite them to Build forts there. I Advise You to Go In the Spring to Caneda, and make the Covenant Stranger ^(than Ever it was) With the Cagoreways & Canossedages, and Desire them Not to Assist

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Assist the french, Against [crossed out] ^(our) Brethren the English. as for the french talk is Nothing But Sham: Let us Look to the Great heaps of Dead Bones of Our forefathers Which the french have Distroyed, We must Side With our Brethren the English, With Whoom our forefathers Entered into A Covenant time out of Mind --- He Says further , that he has Invited 4 Nations (to Wit) the Onydes, Taskeroraas, Schanyadegrones & the Mohacks, to Come Down to Siskohane at John Harres:s:, and they here Promised to Come Accordingly He ^(Also) Desires [crossed out] the Commissioner [crossed out]^(to) give him a Pass, for his Save Passage Resolved that the Same Be Given In the following Manner This Day Appeared Before us (the Commissr: of the Indian Affairs) the Bearers hereof one of Whoem is the Half King, Who has Been Imployed By the Goverment of Pensalvania to Go Among the five Nations on his Majesties Service, & is Now On his Return home We have thought Proper to Assist him in his Jorney; and Desire All [crossed out] Gentlemen Civil & Melitery to Shew their friendship & Assist Them on their Jorney

At a meeting of the Commiss: of Indian affairs at Albany March [28?]th 1755 Present Myndert Schuiler Hans Hanson Jacob C: Ten Eick John Beekmen Cor: Cuiler

Ojessaragenraat & Adejathoine two Seachems from Cajnga, [begin crossed out] Appeared[end crossed out] & Several Warriers Along With their Wifes, 22 In Number Appeared to this Board and made the following Proposition Brethren you Desired us (By Schanigrad Who Was here About two Months Ago), [crossed out] that None of Our People Should Go out afighting, No Where But to Stay home I Come now to tell you that our Nation the

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109 the Caynges have Granted your Request & Will All Stay home Whereas [G??] five Strings [Wamson?] We are Also Sent Down by our Whole Nation to Beg & Desire you to Assist us With Som Indian Corn; for Without your Assistance We are Like to Starf, for Want thereof, Or Be Obligated to Go to the french for their Assistance, Who (We belive) Would Be Very Glad to Supply Our Need

Then gave a Belt

they Also Desired us to Have Some of their hatcheds [hatchets] & Guns Mended. Which Request Was Granted, and had them Mended Accordingly

The Commissioners Answered them In the following manner Bretheren Wee thank you & All your Nation for Granting our Request In Not Going out a fighting We are Sorry to hear that you are Stuck In Want for Indian Corn, & you Doe very Well that You are Come Down to Your Bretheren for Assistance We Grant Your Request, & Shall Supply You With three Canoes full of Indian Corn But you must Come to Schanegtande & fitch it for there is None at the Great flatts, & We Shall Give You Some Bread & Pork; and Write to Mr. Herreme to Give You So much Corn, As you may Want on your Jorney In Going home As We Were Informed Some time Past, that You & Your Neabours the Sinecas Were In Want of Corn We have Already Acquainted Our Governour therewith, Who has Desired us in a Particular Manner to Supply You With Corn & Will Always Take as Much Care of You as Lays In his Power

then Gave a Belt

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Bretheren We have Sent By Opfsaragerat a few Strings of at wampon, as a massage to the Senecas to Let them Know that they Can Come Down to Schonegtande, to fitch 3 Canoes full of Indian Corn The Indians Returned us Many thanks, & [crossed out] Were Extreemly Well Satisfyed that We Granted their Request, & Would Acquaint their Nation there =With & Come Down to fetch the Corn

Resolved that the following Letter Be Wrote to the Governor May it Pleas your honour About three Weeks Ago here has Been two french Indians from [crossed out] Caneda With a Desire to Send them a Carpenter to make a Saw mill According to the Modell of Our mills for the Indians in Kagnewage they Were told that Our Carpenters had No Mind to go Those Indians Brought Severel Letters for france Which We Now Send to Your Honour By Mr Peter Winne the Indians Staid But three Days In town & then Went Back Again to Canada - We have No Reason to think, that they have Gott Any Intelligence of Any thing What We Suppose to Be Intended - What these Indians told We have Reason to think that they [crossed out] here Will be french Indians to trade in a Months time, therefore We Desire Your Honour to Let us Know, how We are to Behave, Our Selves When the french Indians Comes here, it is our Opinion if We Should tell them to Be Gone, is Declering War Against them: Which Would Be of Bad Consequence, We think it Will Be [crossed out] the Best Way to Lett them Come, if they Should Gitt Any Intelligence, About What is Intended, then to Desire & Persueade them to Stand Neuter. the Greatest Policy of the Governour of Caneda has Always Been; Whenever there has been Any Design Against them to Desire & perswade the Six Nations to Stand Neuter; he Did So the Lat War. We think there Ought to Be Sent up proper persons to the Six Nations to Prevent there Going this Spring to Canada, We find by Your Honours Letter of the 10 January that you think it Will be Necessary to Send up proper Persons to Stop as many, of our Indians As Possible; from Going to Canada We Do not Know how to Doe In this Affair for Want of mony, as for Indian Corn here is None to Be had - We are &c March 20 : 1755

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111 At a meeting of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs at Albany Aprill 3 1755

Present the Mayor the Recorder C Cuiler Mr: Ten Eick Col Schuiler

A Letter Was Brought to this Board from Arent Stevins Resolved that the following Be Wrote to Arent Stevins

Sir Your Attendance is here Required here Next Tuesday Morning By order of the Commissioner

Resolved that the following Be Wrote to Governour Delancey May it Please Your Honour Sir We Wrote you the 20th Ultim upon Which We Would have Been glad to Receive An Answer - this Servs further to Cover the Minutes from January 25th untill the Date here at We Remain Sir Your most Obedient Humble Servants

At a meeting of the Comm: of Indian Affairs at Albany Aprill 7th 1755 Present the Mayor the Recorder Capt Cuiler Col Schuiler Cap Beekmen Cap Winne

Arent Stevins the Interpreter Appeared to this Board Whereas Killian a principal Seachem from the Mohacks, is Drowned a few Weeks Ago

Resolved that the Recorder Along With the Interpreter, Do Go to the Mohack, to Condole his Death; In the Usual Ceremony and at the Same time to tel them, to Be firm In their Resolution, and Not to Go Any Way Abroad: Untill they hear further from us And In the Mean time Not to Molest, the traders, Who Go to Oswega: & Cause the Same Request to Be made to the Canejoharians

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