Albany Commissioners of Indian Affairs Reports, June 1753 - May 1755

Copies of correspondence, reports of meetings with Native American groups, and remarks on fort construction, prisoner exchange, rivalries with the French, religious evangelization, and diplomacy.


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At a Board of Commissioners for Indian-Affaires in Albany at the house of Robert Lutteridge Sept 10. 1753.

Present Capt Hubert Marshall Comdt Robert Saunders Mayor S. G. van Schaick Recorder. Myndert Schuyler John Beekman } Esqrs Jacob C. Ten Eyck Alex P. Colhoun Depty Secty

The Mayor delivered a Letter fm Alex McGinty another fm D.d Hendricks Prisoners in Canada: also produced one fm Madam Louisa Desrivreres Desmurseaux acknowledging the receipt of the Belt of Wampum sent by Susanna a french Indian Squaw (vide Journal of 8th August.)

Resolved. That the Mayor writes a Letter of thanks to said Madam Louisa Desrivieres Desmurseaux for her kind treatment & Civilitys to the 'foresaid prisoners.

Ordered That the Mayor deliver the Commission by virtue of which the Comissioners act at present, to Alexander Colhoun; & that A.C. write to the 'foresaid McGinty & Hendricks acknowledging receipt of above Letter &c. &c. a true Coppy as follows.

Albany 10. 1753

Sir This day the Comissioners received yours of the 19th of August also one of the 18th from your Cousin Hendricks, directed to Mr JR Bleeker & delivered to the Board by the Mayor Mr Robt Saunders. The Comissioners have not yet had an answer from Governour Hamilton, when they have, will by first safe conveyance advise you: in the mean time hope, & heartely wish, the measures which they have already taken, may effect yours, & the liberty of your fellow prisoners, upon the return of the Head men as you mentioned. The Comissioners have also (by the Bearer of yours & this Joseph the Indian) directed Mr Saunders to write a Letter of thanks to Madam S.D. Demurseaux for her kind treatment & Civilitys to you & fellow Sufferers.

am your humble Servt By order of the Board Alexr Colhoun Depty Secry

Messrs McGinty & Hendricks at Kaghnawaga.

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at Albany

A Board of Commissioners met at Suttridge Septr 14. 1753.

Present The Mayor. The Recorder. Coll M Schuyler [Cornl?] Cuyler.} J: Beekman} Esqrs Alexr Colhoun D.S.

This day Alexr McGinty was brought here by Nisrendanie a french Indian from Kaghnawaga, in 10 days fm that place at the request of this Board (vide (Journal of 8 of August.) The some Rum & provisions to carry him back.

Resolved that Mr Saunders pay the above &c agreable to a Letter from Conrad Weisar to him in August last.

Resolved That there be a full Board to morrow at two a clock.

This day 2 Letters were laid before the Board by Mcginty one from Dd Hendricks of the 5th instant the other of the 4th from Madam L. D. Demurseaux.

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At a Board of Commissioners, met at Robt Lottridges Septr 15. 1758.

Present The Mayor Recorder Coll Schuyler Mr J: Beekman Jac. C. Ten Eyck AC Colhoun DS.

Resolved That a Coppy of the following Letter be sent to Governour Hamilton by Alexr Mcginty; also Mr Saunder's Acctt ammounting to £17.''19.''1 1/2 be inclosed, with Dd Hendricks Letter of yesterday.

Sir, We the Comissioners for the management of Indian-Affaires in the Province of New York: gave you the troubles of a Letter dated att Albany upon the 4th of August with two inclosed from Alexr Mcginty David Hendricks & others, Prisoners in Canada; taken by some french Indians on the back parts of Pennsylvania sometime in January last. - We were sensibly affected with the misfortunate & deplorable situation of the said Prisoners, our fellow Subjects; so long detained in the hands of Savages (tho in time of Peace) That we Resolved & did accordingly send a Belt of Wampum (on the 8 of August when Coonradt Weisar your Provincial Interpreter was present) with a Message to the Sachems of Kaghnawaga & Kanassedaga in order for the Releasement of said Prisoners, & at same time promised to pay for their maintenance & passage hither. - yesterday Alexr Mcginty was brought here in Consequence of 'foresaid Message; with much difficulty we agreed with the Indian for one prs of Shrouds, ten Spanish Dollars & some Necessaries as p[er] inclosed Acctt paid by Mr Sanders the Mayor approved off & consented to by said Mcginty, who can inform you, also by the enclosed Letter, Why, the Rest of the Prisoners were not sent at this time. We are with great Respect your Honours, most obedient humble Serts Myndert Schuyler Robert Sanders Sybrant G: van Schaick Jno Beekman

Albany 7br. 15. 1753. Jacob C. Ten Eyck Alexr Colhoun, D.Sec..ry [?] The Honble James Hamilton Esqr Govr of Pennsylvania.

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At a Board of Commissioners met at Robt Lotteridges Septr 17. 1753.

Present The Mayor Recorder Coll M. Schuyler Mr Beekman AC. Colhoun D.S.

By two Indians Sconondo & Arieghta from Kaghnawaga a Letter from D. Hendricks of Septr the 8th

Resolved That said Letter be inclosed to Govr Hamilton, with a Coppy of the following letter.

Sir. Just now came here two Indians from Kaghnawaga a Lachem Sconondo, & Arieghta: the last has Dd Hendricks in his house: we expostulated with him upon the unreasonablenss of his demand vizt a Negroe Boy about 12 years or money to purchase such a one, for the Ransom of said Hendricks he was told that Mcginty was brought here in consequence of the Message & Belt of Wampum. But the Savage obstinatly refuses to bring him. We beg leave to refer you to Mcginty for particulares who is now present with us & the Indians.

we are most Respectfully your Honours most humble Servts Robt Sanders Myndert Schuyler Sybrant G. van Schaick Jno Beekman

PS. Since writting the above, the Indian promises to bring him here in 25 days, suppose he will then expect as much as was given for Mcginty

Albany 7br 17. 1753.

AC. Calhoun D. Secry

To the Honble James Hamilton Esqr Governour of Pennsylvania

By Alexr Mcginty.

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At a Board of Commissioners met at Robt Latteridges Sepr 26 1753.

Present Coll M. Schuyler. Mr C: Cusler Theo Mayor Capt Winnie

Maynard Wemp with Kaheightogo. alias grote Yonge a Seneka Sachem, who requested that as the said Maynard Wemp had formerly resided among the Seneka's as a Smith; That he might now be sent up again.

Mr Wemp desired of the Board; that he might obtain leave, & was very willing to go upon the Credit of this Province.

Resolved. that he may go.

Present Coll Myndert Schuyler} Mr Jacob C TenEyck Mr Johs Beeckman Mr Crsns Cuyler Robert Sanders

Att a Board of Commissioners met at Robert Latteridges October 3d 1753.

By Three Kagnawague Scachims to wit The Kanaghquasa, Kanasadego & Anadan Recd a Belt of wampen, Requested thereby of this Board, that the friends or Neighbours of the Penselvania Prisoners at Kagnawague, should Come or Send to Release them from among the Indians, and that they were to Bring or Send money for that purpose, for that the Penselvania Prisoners were Placed in the Room & Stead of Indians There Deceased, So that they said they Could not be had without so Much money as would pay for others for their Stead, Whereupon This Board gave them the following Answer, That they were Surprised to Receive this Message from them, and that they had Surely Expected the sd Prisoners at this time or Sooner, and Sent the Belt Back to them, and Insisted Strongly to have the Said Prisoners Brought here & that they would do as they had alrady done that was Brought them, and promised to do for the other that was promised to be Brought them Shortly, for they were all taken in profound peace, and so no Prisoners But their Bretheren

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