Albany Commissioners of Indian Affairs Reports, June 1753 - May 1755

Copies of correspondence, reports of meetings with Native American groups, and remarks on fort construction, prisoner exchange, rivalries with the French, religious evangelization, and diplomacy.


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At a Board of Commissioners Met at Robert Lotteridges Octor 30 1753

Present Coll Myndt Schuyler} Mr Jacob C. Ten Eyck The Recorder Mr Corns Cuyler Robert Sanders

Two Indian Sachims of Kagnawague /to wit/ Onoroegigta & Sanagowana with Several other Warriors of that Cassell, Appeared before us, And Expressed Great Joy to meat us here all in perfect Health and gave one Bever Skin

Then they further said that they were Come in obedience of a Massuage by a Belt of wampon which this Board had sent them on the 3d Instant, and that they had agreeable to this Boards Request, Brought down with them Two of the Penselvania Prisoners, That this Board had alrady agreed for one of them and that for the other They Expected to Receive for the Bringing and mantaining of him Dollars and wampon to Enable them To purchase an other to fill up his place in that Tribe he was Given to, whereupon they gave a Belt of wampon.

and said further out of the name of all the Seachims of That Cassell that there had been one of their men Kilt near this place Last Year, and that they were Glad we had so Prudently Recon ciled it with them, and that they would for the future do all In their power to keep friendship & the Road allways open and gave few Strings of wampon

and said further for themselves and by order and in Behalf of all the Seachims & warriors of their Cassell, that as there had been few Years ago a war Carryed on between us & them, to their Great Grief, occassioned Thro, the Variance That their then was Between our King & the french King, who Then had Declared war Against Each other, & Requested of us That what had Been then Committed or done By Either side was To be for Ever Buried in oblivion and that their then Entering Into that war was against their Inclinations, tho' Impossible for them at that time to avoid it thereupon gave one belt

and further said they Came to Renew the old Covenant Chain, and that they would for Ever Keep it Bright & Clear Bright & free from Roast, & thereupon gave 3 Bever Skins

and added that as they had lately Lost one of their men In our Countrey, they wished that we would be so good as to have Him Brought, and Buried at the Carrying place, & then gave Two Bever Skins

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at a Board of Commissioners met at Robert Lotteridges Octor. 31 :1753 Present Coll Myndt. Schuyler Mr. Jacob C. TenEyck The Recorder Mr. Johnt. Beeckman Mr. Corn:s Cuyler Coll Marchell Robt. Sanders The Board Replyed the Seachims & Warriers of the Cagnawague Cassell on their Speech of Yesterday to this Board By Arent Stevens Interpreter of this Province as follows

Bretheren We Thank you for the Joy you Expressed To meat us here at this time, and we do Assure you that we are likewise Glad to have this oppertunity, to Smoak a pipe with you Here, and to see you all Enjoy Perfect health, These gave few Strings of wampen

Bretheren, We are Glad to see you Brought in obedience to our Belt of wampen sent to you some time ago, the Two Penselvania Bretheren Taken in time of peace, we will on our parts give You what we have promised for the Mantaining and Bringing of Them here, and as you seem to Insist to have for the one Dollars and wampen, we will by no means Differ with you for that, But do now Reward you for mantaining and Bringing em here the one According to To our words to you some time ago, and for the other agreeable To your Desire now in Dollars & wampen, But were amazed To hear you had taken our Bretheren Captives in time of peace And Desire of you that the Like may Never hapen again Then paid them for the Bringing & Mantaining of them

Bretheren We are Exceeding Glad to hear you are all Satisfied and Contented with our Conduct in that Affair of one of your Men at the halfmoon last year and Died in your Cassell & Gave few Strings of wampen

Bretheren What you Said Relating the Late war to have Been Commenced By Both Kings, we Confess to be true, But we were Extreamly Surprized to hear you had taken up the Hatchet against us, and thereupon Immediately Committed Hosti lities against us, Since you and the Rest of the Indians in Canada Had so few years Before Intered with us in a Solnm Covenant To Comitt to Comitt {struck} no hostilities Upon us, In Cases of a Rupture Between the Brittish & french Crowns, However we hereby

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Hereby Desire of you, not to make or Middle for the Future In time of war with any Brittish Subjects, Where upon Gave a Belt of wampen

Bretheren, We are Glad you are Come to Renew the old Covenant Chain, and we do hereby Assure that of our side We will Keep the same Bright, and the Road Between us and You Clear from all filt and Dirth, and the fire allways Burning for you and all yours to Come & Smoak your pipes When you please, and you may Depend that our friendship will be towards you of a Long Duration, Whereon gave one Piece of Shrouds

Bretheren, And as you are here But few in Number, we Therefore Desire of you That two Seachims of Each of your Nation (to wit) of the Cagnawagues, Canosedagues, Rondacks & Annagongues Do Come here the next Spring to Confirm the same Whereon Gave them one Belt of wampen

Present Coll Myndert Schuyler Mr Recorder Mr. Corns. Cuyler Mr. Johs. Beeckman Robert Sanders

Att a Board of Commissioners Met at Rob:t Lotteridges Novr 3: 1753

Resolved that Coppys of the following Letters be sent, the first to Governour DeLancy the Last to Governour Hamilton by David Hendricks & Jabez Evens with Messers. Cuylers & Sanders Acct. amounting to £40:5:6 in the whole There Inclosed & that the minutes of the of the Board with sd. Seachims And warriers Copies thereof be Inclosed in Governr. DeLancys Letter & that there by given by this Board To sd. Seachims Twelve Ells ozenbrigs for a sail

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Albany 3d. Novr. 1753

May it Please your Honour

We the Commissioners of the Indain Affairs For the Province of New York most Humble Beg Leave to Congratulate your Honour as Lieutenant Governour of the provin ce of New York, and Doubt not but that we will all be Happy Under your Administration.

Having had few Days Since Two Seachims with Several Warriers from the Cagnawague Cassell who Came here to treat With us, and think it our Duty to forward you the minutes of our Proceedings with them and hope will meat your approbation.

The Bearer hereof Brings down the Two Penselvania Prisoners which we Released from among them at the Expence of their Province and paid them only for the Bringing here and The Mantaining of em While in their Cassell which we thought our Duty to Acquaint you of we are with Profound Respect

Your Honours most Dutifull & obedient Servants Myndert Schuyler Robert Sanders Cornelis Cuyler Sybrant G.V. Schaick Jno. Beeckman

To the Honble. James De Lancey Esqr. &c.

Albany 3d. Novr. 1753

Honoured Sir

We wrote you the 4th August the 16 & 17 Sepr. Last Since have had none from you, hope it may not have been for want of health, Since on the third ultimo David Hendricks and Jabez Evans was Brought here to us in Consequence of the Message we Sent there in Conjunction with your Province Interpreter Mr. Weyser With some Difficulty we at Last agreed with sd. Indians for Mantaining & Bringing them here, the particulars you will find Charged in the Two Inclosed Accts. advenced by Messsrs. Cuyler and Messers. Sanders two of the members of this Board and appeared of and Consented to by sd. Hendricks and Evens, who were present & are the Bearers hereof and Can Inform you about, the Rest of your Prisoners there we are in Expectation of your answer hereon Respectfully

Your Honours most obedient humble Servant Myndert Schuyler Robert Sanders Cornelis Cuyler Sybrant G.V. Shaick Jno. Beeckman

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At a Board of Commissioners met at Robt. Luttridges Novr. 26 1753

Present The Mayor Recorder Mynt. Schuyler Cornelius Cuyler John Beekman Jacob C. Ten Eyck

The Commissioners received by Alexander Colhoun Dept. Secry. for Indian Affaires, a Letter which he brought from his Honour the Lieut. Govr. dated at New York the 12th Novr. 1753. Also Copy of Orders from him and the Councill bearing date the 7th of said Month.

Agreable to the first part of the Lieut. Govrs. Letter Resolved That Arent Stephens the Indian Interpreter for this Province be wrote to, that he attend this Board tomorrow. Accordingly he was wrote to and Hans Eagar reported to the Board that he had given the letter to Abraham Glen to carry and promised to deliver to said Arent Stephens as soon as he got to Schenechtady.

Resolved That Instructions as follows be wrote for Arent Stephens

Whereas we conceive it is expedient and necessary for His Majestys Service and the Wellfare and Interest of this Province and {struck} accordingly you are hereby required and directed to proceed without delay from hence to Fort William and Conojoharie, thence to Oneido and Onondago: from thence you are to forward by a proper Messenger to the rest of the Six Nations and inform them as well as the foresaid tribes of Indians in That there are Commissioners appointed at Albany to transact and manage their Afaires as formerly, and that Sr. Danvers Osborne Bart. lately arrived from England Governour of this Province by whose sudden Death the admin= -istration of affaires devolved upon the Honble. James Delancey Esqr. His Majestys Lieut. Governour you are farther to make enquiry what newes among

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