Albany Commissioners of Indian Affairs Reports, June 1753 - May 1755

Copies of correspondence, reports of meetings with Native American groups, and remarks on fort construction, prisoner exchange, rivalries with the French, religious evangelization, and diplomacy.



the several Nations of Indians and make a Report thereof to this Board as soon as you return Given under our hands at Albany this 28 day of November 1753 Signed Mydrt. Schuyler Cornls. Cuyler Sybrant G. Van Shaick Jacob C. Ten Eyck John Beekman Robert Sanders

Alexr. Colhoun Depty. Secry.

At Luttridges this 28 of Novr. 1753

Present The Recorder Mr. Cuyler Beekman Jac. C. Ten Eyck

The Comissrs. signd. Copy of the above and gave it to Arent Stephens with seven hands or String of Wampum, two Dozen of knives, two Rolls of gartering.

Resolved that Mr. Stevens carry along with him a person to the Six Nations and that he be allowed to defray his Expences the Sum of Five pounds.

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At a Board of Commissioners met at Robt. Luttridges Dec. 18. 1753

Present The Mayor Coll. Mynd. Schuyler M.C. Cuyler J. Beekman Jac. C. Ten Eyck

Mr. Stephens the Interpreter returned here, having delivered the Message (from this Board of the 28 ultimo) to both Castles of the Mohawks, Oneidos, and Tuscaroras, where he met with a trusty Onondago who promised to send an Express immediately to the rest of the Six Nations: That all the Indians which he had seen appeared very well pleased with the Message, and returned thanks to the Commissioners. On his return to Conojoharie, a String of Wampum was given to him by Hendrick, in presence of Several Sachems, who said they were also well satisfyed that the Governour was a Native of this Country, as such he knew well the advantage of an Alliance with the Six Nations: and that as there were now Several Commissioners hoped, their affaires would be better managed than by one Person. The String of Wampum was delivered to Alexr. Colhoun D. Secry.

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At a Board of Commissioners met at Robt. Luttridges Decr. 28. 1753

Present Capt. Marshall The Mayor Recorder Coll. Mynd. Schuyler Jac. C. Ten Eyck John Beekman

Resolved that the following Letter be sent by the Post to morrow to the Lieut. Govr. with Copy of the minutes from Novr. 16 to this day Mr. Cuyler not present the letter was sent to him which he signed as did all the rest of the gentlemen.

May it please your Honour We are informed by Capt. Winnie that he delivered to your Honour our Letter of 3d. of Novr. with Copy of Minuts of October 3d. 30. and 31st. which with the inclosed Copy of Minuts and a Leave granted to Maynard Wemp of Sepr. 26. to go as a Smith to the Seneca Country on application to us by a princip-all Sachem of that Nation, is all the Business which has come before us Since our appointment which relates to this Province.

We think it needless to trouble your Honour and the Gentlemen of the Councill with respect to the Prisoners taken in January last in Pennsylvania, & caarried to Canada. we have procured the Releasement of three of said Prisoners sent them home, and wrote to Governour Hamilton, with account of Expence incurred by releasment of said prisoners and hope soon to hear from him. In answer to that part of your Honours Letter of Novr. 12 relating to the Land in Dispute, we have considered it with great attention, and can find no precedent, wherever the Commissioners, have interfered in and Disputes betweeen the Purchasers of Lands in this province and the Indians; and think it may be best accommodated at the next general Interview with the Indians. We are with great respect & Esteem

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Your Honours most obedient humble Servts. Hubert Marshall Mynd. Schuyler Robt. Saundeers Sybt. G.V. Shaick John Beekman Jac. C. Ten Eyck Cornelius Cuyler

At Albany Decr. 28. 1753 To The Honble. James DeLancey His Majestys Lieut. Govr. & Comander in Chief at New York On His Majestys Service.

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At a Board met at Robert Luttridges Decr. 31st. 1753

Present The Mayor Recorder Coll. M. Schuyler Cor. Cuyler John Beekman Jac. C. Ten Eyck

Two Oneido Sachems Odozonont and Aquaista, made a Complaint that about three weeks agoe, some of their young Men came here, in order to go a hunting some miles above and to the North East of this Town: that they were attacked in the night by some white peoples & a Negroe man belonging to Harman Fedders of Schenechtady, and said the Indians were knocked down beat & bruised with sticks and stones, one of them had his Ears almost cutt off. two new french blanketts & two Shirts stole from them. They were asked if they knew or had heard the names of any of the people and how they come to know the Negroe. they answered Mr. Groosbeck had told one of their young men of the Negroe. Mr. Groosbeck was sent for, he said he knew nothing of any such disturbance nor ever heard of it till now.

The Sachems said their young men were much enraged & if no satisfaction was made them they belived it might not be in their power to restrain them, from revenging it upon one or more of our Traders when going to Oswego in the Spring. Resolved that a striped Blanket and pair of Stockings be given to each of the Sachems as a New Years present & that they attend the Board with their young men when their hunting is over.

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At a Board of Commissioners met at Robt. Lutridges Janry. 5. 1754

1754 Present Coll. Mynd. Schuyler The Recorder Cor. Cuyler John Beekman Jac. C. Ten Eyck

Hendrick Wenp (Son of Maynard Wemp Smith among the Seneca) with Kaheightoga alias Groto Yonge appeard before this Board Mr. Wemp brought a letter directed to Corls. Cuyler from his Father dated Decr. 24. 1753 which was read.

Resolved that Copy of the following Letter be sent to Maynard Wemp by his Son Sir, The Commissioners have received yours of 24 Decr. by your Son who is now present with the Groto Yonge. you may tell John Abeel that the Governour and Councill will be informed that he sells Rum to the Indians; contrary to the Proclamation published by order of the Govr. & Councill before he left Albany also wrote him Copy of the Message sent by Arent Stephens (vide Minuts of Novr. 26 1753) to notify to the Senecas and all other Indians in alliance with us; who perperchance have not heard of said Message.

Albany Janry. 5th 1754 By Order of the Board Alexr. Colhoun Dy. Secry. To Mr. Maynard Wemp in the Seneca Country

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At a Board met at Robt. Luttridges Janry 18. 1754

Present Coll. Mr. Schuyler Mayor Recorder J. Beekman Jac. C. Ten Eyck

Alexander Colhoun then opened a Letter which he had received by the Post. from his Honour the Lieut. Govr. which was read. But as Several of the Commissioners were then oblidged to attend the Court. Resolved that the foresaid Letter be taken into consideration the next meeting.

N. that Alexr. Colhoun paid the postage. 1/3

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At a Board of Commissioners of Indian affairs met at Robt. Luttridges Janry. 19. 1754

Present The Mayor Recorder Coll. M. Schuyler Corls. Cuyler John Beekman

That the following Letter be immediately wrote to go by the Post

may it please your Honour

We have received your favour by the post dated the 8th of this month, & shall send a proper person to acquaint the Six Nations. That your Honour has appointed the fourteenth day of June next for the Interview with them at Albany when the Hatchet is to be buried, the Covenant Chain renewed and the Ancient friendship subsisting between them & His Majestys Subjects strengthened & confirmed. and that for these good purposes the Present which is sent from England By His Majestys Order, and the other Presents will then be delivered to them when the Silver Chain shall be brightned & all Jealousy and uneasieness be buried in utter oblivion.

By a Letter from Maynard Wemp in the Senecas Country dated 24 of Decr. last That John Abeel daily sells Rum to the Indians there, which we conceive may be of very bad consequence. We shall be very glad to know Whither your Honour has received our Letters of the 3d. of November last and December 28 in the first was inclosed Copy of Minuts of Octr. 3. 30. & 31st and in the other, Copy of Minuts to that Day. At Albany Janry 19. 1754 we are most Respectfully your Honours most humble Servts. Myndt. Schuyler Coll. Cuyler Robt. Saunders Sylt. G. Van Shaick John Beekman

To The Honble. James DeLancy His Majestys Lieut. Govr. &c &c at N. York

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