Albany Commissioners of Indian Affairs Reports, June 1753 - May 1755

Copies of correspondence, reports of meetings with Native American groups, and remarks on fort construction, prisoner exchange, rivalries with the French, religious evangelization, and diplomacy.

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Resolved That Arent Stephens be wrote for by Joseph Yates Junior, that he attend this Board on Monday next.

Sir, At the desire of this Board, am to acquaint you that your attendance is required here on monday next, upon business of consequence. am yours &c. Alexr. Colhoun Dept. Secry.

at Luttridges Janry. 19. 1754.

To Mr. Arent Stephens Indian Interpreter at Schenechtady

Hanse Eager reported that he delivered to the Post the Letter for the Lieut. Govr. and the other to Joseph Yates Jr.

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At Board met at Robt. Luttridges Janry. 22. 1754

Present Capt. Marshall The Mayor Recorder Coll. M. Schuyler Mr. C. Cuyler John Beekman Jac. C. Ten Eyck

Mr. Stephens the Indian Interpreter attended Resolved that Copy of the following Instructions be wrote & delivered to him.

Whereas we conceive it is expedient and necessary for His Majestys Service the Welfare & Interest of this Province Accordingly you are hereby required & directed to proceed without loss of time, from hence to Fort William & Conojoharie thence to Oneido & Onondage, from thence you are to forward by a proper Messinger to the rest of the Six Nations, and inform all of them. That the fourteenth day of next June is appointed by the Governour for a Conference or Interview with them at Albany, when the Hatchet is to be buried the Covenant Chain renewed, & the Ancient friendship subsisting between them and His Majestys Subjects confirmed and strengthned; and that for them

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these good purposes the Present sent from England by order of His Majesty King George and the other presents will then be delivered to them. When the Silver Chain shall be brightned & all Jealousy and Uneasieness be buried in utter oblivion. Given under our Hands at Albany Janry. 22. 1754. signed Hubert Marshall Myndt. Schuyler Robt. Saunders Lybt. G. Van Shaick Conls. Cuyler John Beekman Jac. C. Ten Eyck

Alexr. Colhoun Depy. Secry. Mr. Arent Stephens Indian Interpreter

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At a Board met at Robt. Luttridges Janry. 24. 1754

Present Capt. Marshall The Recorder Col. M. Schuyler C. Cuyler John Beekman Jac. C. Ten Eyck

Odyssanont & Aquaiola two principal Oneido Sachems, with Five Wariours of the same Nation appeared (vide Minuts of Decr. 31st) they said a young Indian who had suffered most was gone home to Oneido. Resolved that Jacobus Clement be sent for; who was desired to interpret between the Commissioners & the Indians. Harman Fedders Negroe was not spoke of. One of the Indians said that John Garritse Roseboom knew one of the Negroes. Mr. Roseboom was sent for and said he knew nothing of the matter after a long Examination. It appeared that the Indians were at the Block House No. 2 where were a gang of Negroes who had got a fiddle; & probably were all in liquor, quarreled & lost their Blanketts &c. Resolved that Jac. C. Ten Eyck give two Blanketts of Shrouds and two Shirts to the Indians to heal their wounds. The Board informed them that the 14th day of next June was appointed by the Governour to deliver them the presents sent from England by His Majesty, also the Province Presents to the Six Nations. They returned thanks to the Board & went away seemingly well satisfyed.

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At a Board met at Robt. Luttridges Febr. 12. 1754

Present Capt. Marshall The Mayor Recorder Coll. Mr. Schuyler Cor. Cuyler Jac. C. Ten Eyck

The Recorder delivered a letter from Arent Stephens the Interpreter a true Copy as follows

Schenechtady Febry. 11. 1754

Gentlemen My Son Jonathan is returned from Onondagoe; and delivered the Message there according to the Instructions I received from you and likewise sent the same by a proper Messenger to the rest of the Six Nations of Indians. There is no Newes at present among the Indians which makes me think it needless to come to Albany at this time, and hope you will excuse the same. I am with all Respect Gentlemen your most humble Servt. Arent Stephens To The Commissioners of Indian Affaires sitting at Albany

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At a Board met at Robt. Luttridge March 23 1754

Present The Mayor Coll. M. Schuyler John Beekman Jac. C. Ten Eyck

A letter from Arent Stephens as follows

Schenechtady March 20. 1754 Gentlemen Here is Onondago Indians which is come in search after two Catabaw Squaws who have been their prisoners 5 years and have run away from Onand-dago, they have heard of them at every Castle as far as the Mohawks, which makes them think the Squaws are in Albany with an intention to get to N. York & from thence to their own Country: they desired me to write you this and beg you will order; that no Sloop takes them in, and if you hear of them, that you will confine them till the Govr. meets with the Five Nations. I am Gentlemen your most humble Servt. Arent Stephens To the Commissrs. of Indian Affaires at Albany.

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Tieohaquandro, Son to one of the principall Onondago Sachems Awiigachiad and Eesteron present, Jacobus Clement as Interpreter by order of the Board asked them several questions and found they agreed to the acct. wrote by Mr. Stevens, they said that sometime agoe 5 Mohawks were going to war against the flatheads that the Sachems at Cayuga had spoke to them and prevailed upon two of them to return to the Mohawks the other three went forward from Cayuga. They farther said that some of the Onondagos would join them, they complained of want of provisions upon the Road. The Comissrs. ordered & gave them 12 shillings in money, a Cag with one Gallon and half pint of Rum, also a written order to Hanose Petrie at the german flatts to supply them with fiveteen pounds pork 3 loaves of bread & half a Skippil pease to subsist them to Onondago. The Commisrs. told them they had not seen the two Squaws and believed they were not in town probably from the Mohawks they might have gone to Scochary from thence through the back Country perhaps down the Susquehanna River.

At a board met at Robert Lutteridges April 12th 1754

Present The Mayor Col. M. Schuyler John Beeckman Jacob C. Ten Eyke Cornelius Cuyler

Mynard Wemp from the Senecas Country informs the board that the Indians appear generally well pleased that the English intend to atack the French at Ohio, and are willing to Joine their brethren the English, he complains much of John Abeals supplying them yet with Rum notwithstanding the letter from the Commissioners which he told him off vide Minits of Jany. 5th and Jany. 19th he also repeated what he had often said before that he did not care for the Govr. Counsill or Commissioners that he would sell Rum as he pleased and that he expected soon a battoe load from Albany. Wemp farther told the Commissioners

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that he brought with him 5 hogsheads last october

April 22d. 1754 at a board met at the house of Robert Lotteridge.

Present Col. M. Schuyler the Mayor Cornelis Cuyler Jacob C. Ten Eyke John Beeckman

That Sconondo a Sachem with four Kaghnawaga Indians appeared before the board; Sconondo told the board by Mr. Clement as interpreter, that agreeable to the Commissioners Request (vide minutes of october 31) that two Sachems of these four nations, would be here when the indian Corn should be about two feet high that the Aderondacks and AnaGongoes were in the bush but should be informed of the Message by first opertunity, upon which gave a String of Wampum, the Commissioners told them they were glad to find they had been mindfull of their Message and that they expected to see them according to their promise to smoak a pipe together in this place.

Resolved there be given them two Cags of Rum one for their journey the other to the Sachems at Kaghnawaga to drink the Commissioners health.

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At a board met at the house of Robert Lotteridge April ye 27th 1754

Present Robert Sanders Mayor Cornelius Cuyler Librant van Schaick

A letter was delivered by Mr. Van Schaick to the board from his Honr. the Lieut. Govr. dated the 20th of April, as Follows. As the time appointed to meet the Indians at Albany is on the 14th of June and it is usual to send the interpreter up among them before in order to bring them down, I desire you will

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