Albany Commissioners of Indian Affairs Reports, June 1753 - May 1755

Copies of correspondence, reports of meetings with Native American groups, and remarks on fort construction, prisoner exchange, rivalries with the French, religious evangelization, and diplomacy.



Send him away for that purpose so that he may have the Indians down at the time appointed and that you will take all the usual and ne= =cessary steps on such occasions. I am Gentlen. your most obedient and most humble Servt. James Delancey

Ordered that a letter be wrote to the Interpreter to the {struck} Attend the board on Wednesday next. the letter was wrote and delivered to Nicholas van patten to be sent to the interpreter.

At a board met at the house of Robert Lotteridge May the 1st. 1754

Present Col. Marshal Col. M. Scuyler The Recorder Mr. Groonendike Capt. Beeckman Mr. Ten Eyke Mr. Cuyler

Instructions from the Commissioners of Indian affairs to Mr. Aaron= =Stevens Interpreter.

In Obedians to a letter of his Honr. the Lieut. Govr. dated ye 29th of April 1754 You are to go to the Six nations of Indians and tell them that his Honr. the Lieut. Govr. desired them to come down to Albany on a Genl. Treaty, which is to be held in the City of Albany on the 14th day of June next you are therefore required to do your Endavour to bring down all the Sachems and principal Indians out of each Castle as usual on such occasions, you are to bring the said Indians down at the time appointed

To Mr. Aaron Stevens interpreter

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two Strings of Wampum was delivered to Mr. Aaron= =Stevens by order of the Commissioners, to be given as he thought necessary, one of said Strings was sent to ye Commissioners by the Conajohary Indians as per Minutes of 18th Decembr. 1753, the other String was given by Sconondo, see minutes of April 22 1754

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At a board of Commissioners met at the house of Robert Lotteridge.

Present the Mayor Col. M. Scuyler Mr. Cornelius Cuyler the Recorder Capt. Beeckman

Upon report from our Indian traders at the Carrrying place that some onongongo Warriors were intending to go out to fight against New England we sent for a cochnawaga Indian named Joseph to enquire about the truth of that report. He informed us, he heard nothing about it. Nevertheless upon account of that report, ye Commissioners thought proper to give the said Joseph a String of Wampum to acquaint his Nation that if they should hear of any such design, that they might be carefull to put a stop to it.

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At a board held at the house of Robert Lotteridge May 15th 1754.

Present Col. M. Scuyler Capt Beeckman the Mayor Mr. Cornelius Cuyler Capt. Winne

Mr Harme Ritemans negro Clause accused John Ransilors Negro York, Widow Scuylers negro with one Eye named Dick

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and said they and others came with Sticks and asked him if he took the Indians part. Three Scortico Indians Quooneypapas and two others complain that Quooneypapas son is found murdered, and then the Commissioners sent for Mr. Ritemans negro Clause as above. Robert Wendal was Interpreter. Widow Scuylers negro dick was sent for, he was at Sarretogo, upon report that Mr. Basset knew something about, he was sent for, could give no information, then growing late it was concluded to send over the River for Mr. Rantilors negro York tomorrow. the Commissioners appoint to meet ye next morning at 9 of the Clock.

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At a board held at the house of Robert Lotteridge May 10th 1754

Present The Mayor Mr. Cornelius Cuyler Capt. Beeckman Col. M. Scuyler Robert Wendal acted as Interpreter

Mr. Egbert Egbertse was examined releating to the Suspected murder of the Indian, also Mr. Jacobus Groosbeck, who both affirmed they knw nothing of the affair, Mr. Ransilors negro York was sent for, but was gone to Claaverock, eight Shillings was given in bread to ye Indians, and ten Shillings was given to Mr. Robert Wendal for bringing down the Indians and attending the Indians and Commissioners as interpreter

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At a board held at the house of Robert Lotteridge May the 10th. 1754.

Present the Mayor Mr. Cornelius Cuyler Capt Beeckman Mr. Jacob C. Ten Eyke Mr. Lybrant G. van Schaick Col. Mr. Scuyler

A message was brought that the Indian William that was missing as appears in Minutes 15 is now found dead at Scotack Jacobus van Volkenburg was sent to take Care of the corps and a letter and Messenger was forth= =with sent to Robert Wendal to bring the Indians down to bury the Corps and he should be paid for his trouble.

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At a board held at the house of Robert Lotteridge May 19th. 1754

Present the Mayor Recorder Mr. Beeckman Mr. Ten Eyke Col. M. Scuyler Capt. Winne

Several Scortico Indians came to treat about the murdered Indian and the Commissioners ordered all necessary as a Shirt Stockins Clout, and Coffin for ye dead Indian, and victuals for the Company that came to the burying, being in number about twenty five, and Robert Wendal and van Volkenburg were ordered to accompany the Indians to the Corps, and assist them at the Burying.

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At a board met at the house of Robert Lotteridge May ye 21st 1754

Present The Mayor the Recorder Mr. Jacob C. Ten Eike Capt. Beeckman Capt. Ransilor Mr. Cors. Cuyler Col. M. Scuyler Capt. Winne

A speech from the Commissrs. to the Scortico Indians, upon account of an Indian found dead who is suspected to be killed by some negroes belonging to Albany.

Brethren We are sincerely sorry for the death of one of your men, we have already ap= =prehended three of the negroes upon suspicion and if we can find them guilty we shall punish them according to the Laws of our Country. we now come to condole his death and wipe your tears away, and therefore desire you all to be easy in your minds. Whereupon the Commissrs. gave two blankets of black Strouds and two Shirts.

Robert Wendal Interpreter Brethren, as you are now going home we sincerly desire you not to revenge any thing that has happened about this melancholy affair towards any of his Majestys people or their slaves, and we shall take care to punish the Guilty whereupon they gave them a belt of Wampum price 19s-6d bought from Jacob Lancen.

ye Commissioners Speech in the afternoon of the same day.

Brethren, this morning you demanded one of the negroes to be delivered unto you, we told you it was contrary to the Laws of our Country whereupon you parted dissatisfied. We now give you this present of Six Indian blankets and three blankets ofStrouds, a pear of Stroud Stockins and a piece

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