Albany Commissioners of Indian Affairs Reports, June 1753 - May 1755

Copies of correspondence, reports of meetings with Native American groups, and remarks on fort construction, prisoner exchange, rivalries with the French, religious evangelization, and diplomacy.


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37 Albany 18 June 1754 -

At a Meeting of the Commissrs for Indian Affairs at the Home of Robt Lutteridge Prest. {"Esqr." being collectively to the right of the following names} Peter Winne Lybrant van Shaick Recordr. Myndent Schuyler John Beekman Jacob Ct. Ten Eyck

the Lieut Govr. having sent to Col. Myndt. Schuyler to know what he should do with regard to the [?River] Indians in the approaching Congress. Col. Schuyler thought it proper to convene the Commissrs. that they might Answer his Hounour upon this Point.

They are of Opinion, that after the 6 Nations arrive in Town it will be time enough to send a Message to the sd. [?River] Indians.

Whereas divers Complaints have been made to The Commissrs. of Indian Affairs, that the Indians at Conogo - -heere Castle do forcibly take Rum from the [?oswego] Traders in their passage by the said Castle And that the Oneida Indians oblige the Traders to let them [?carry] their Goods over the Carrying Place or to pay them double & sometimes more than double the Customary price [?wch] the [?Germans] are ready & willing to take. It is the Opinion therefore of this Board that [?] [?How?] be placed at the approaching Congress to represent the Injustice of these Proceedings to the 6 Nations and that it is a Breach of their Promises solemnly made & a violation of their Engagements entered into & freq-quently received with former Governours -

Ordered that the Secry. do give a Copy of these Minutes to his Honour the Lieut Govr. Peter wraxall Secry[?]

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Albany 20 June 1754

At a Meeting of the Commissrs. of Indian Affairs at the Home of Robt Lutteridge

Prest. Peter Winne Esqr. Robt Saunders Mayor Sybt. van Shaik Esqr. Recordr. Myndt Schuyler {this name and the following two identified as "Esqr."} Corns. Cuyler John Beekman

His Hounour The Lieut. Govr. having directed the Commissrs. {the following text lies below this line but appears to follow it:} by their Minutes of the 15 last to meet & give him this Reasons for recommending him to speak to the Mohawk Indians to live together in One Castle

This Board say they had no other reasons for mentioning that point to His honour but that they thought such a Conjunction of the Mohawks would add to their strength & better enable them to resist any Enemy who might attack them - but upon further consideration that the said Indians would not be willing to consent to this Scheme the Board are now of Opinion that it will be more Adviseable for His honour to be silent to the Mohawks upon this Article.

Ordd. that the Secry. do give a Copy of the above Minutes to His Honour Peter Wraxall Secry &c.

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Albany 21 June 1754

At a Meeting of the Commissrs for Indian Affairs at the Home of Robt. Lutteridge

Prest. Robt. Livingston Esqr. John Rentzalaer Esqr. Peter Winne Esqr. Robt. Saunders Esqr. Mayor Sybrant van Schaick Esqr. Recorder Myndt. Schuyler Esqr. Corns. Cuyler Esqr. John Beekman Esqr. Jacob C. Ten Eyck Esqr.

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His Honour the Lieut. Govr. having directed the Commissrs. to meet & ordered Arent Steevens Interpreter to attend them in order to give them a Relation of his Negotiations with the 6 Nations in his late Journey amongst them to bring them down to this City to meet his honour, the sd. Inter-preter gave the following acct.

That before he arrived at the Conojohere Castle he received a Letter from the Mohawks of that Castle † {see footnote} that he should not proceed forward amongst the Six Nations till the Govr. himself came up amongst them to make them easy about their Lands: And they told him no good would come from the intended Treaty unless they were previously satisfied in this point. Upon wch. he referred them to their meeting with the Govr. at Albany for satisfaction whereupon they suffered him to proceed.

He then went to the Sennecas Country without any Interuption where they told him to stay 10 days whilst they sent to invite the whole Nation to go down with them to the Conferrence, part of whom namely those who live at Linnossenere sent word they would not come because they had a great deal of bad News amongst them from Ohio & thought themselves in danger, but the particulars were they did not communicate to their Bretheren the other Sennecas.

He set out with the Senneca Sachems for the Cayouge's Country where he joined them in the Govs. name in condoling the Death of One of their Sachems. Just as he was setting out from Caouge some of their Warriors arrived with News that they had lost Two of their Warriors {struck} Party that had been fighting against the Gehogroenes a Nation who live to the Westward of the Cattabaws, & that in their return they saw a great Number of English near the Ohio, among whom they thought there were some Cattawbaws wch made them affraid they were {horizontal dividing line}

† signed by Abraham, Hendrik, & Nicholas.

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they were coming to attack their Castle, by this News he was retarded in pursuing his Journey down.

From Cayouge he went to Onondaga, where they had taken a Resolution that some of their Sachems need stay at home to treat with the Messasaguas who were daily expected, & Six other Sachems went with him.

From Onondaga he proceeded to a Castle of the Tuscarores where News arrived that the Oneidas had something to say wch. would stop his proceeding further towards Albany. At this Castle News came that a Sachem was dead belonging to the Oneidas whose Death must be condoled before they could be spoke with.

Accordingly he proceeded to Onieda & joined the other Nations in their Condolances in the Govrs. name. At Onieda came a Deputation from the Schanastoghroenes, Who are settled in the Oniedas Country, to make their acknow-ledgements to the Oniedas Tuscaroas & Mohawks, for the Lands they had given them to live on, They at the same time agreed to come down with him to the Conferrence but a report coming the groote Joregers (a Sennecas Sachem) had passed the Onieda Lake & said that the Bloody Flux & Small Pox was so violent at Albany that the People lay dead in the Streets & that he had left his Wife there - upon this the Oneidas cryed out if they went forward they would all die; hence Three Onon-daga Sachems Six private Sennecas & 6 of the Schanasstogh-roenes returned. The Interpreter assured the rest of the Indians these Reports were entirely false & by many other Arguments prevailed on them to pro - -ceed, & before he came to Bennets-field Two difft. Messages came with Two Belts of Wampum informing him there was a French Army near Col. Johnsons & the great Flatts to wst. of the Mohawk River & also that there was an Army of English & Flat-heads to cut them off when they came to Albany and

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And to prevail on them to return back to Oneida & there to consult whether they should venture down to Albany or not. But the Indians joined with the Interpreter in returning for Answer that they would go as far as Bennets field & there send for the Mohawks to come & inform them whether the above News was true. The Mohawks came & assured them the News was false & Groundless & then they proceeded to Albany.

N.B. The Tuscarores went back from Oneida to their Castle to fetch their Horse & promised to follow the Interpreter.

As it has been generally the Custom to give private presents to the Leading Sachems this Board are of Opinion that it will be for the public Service if the Govr. gives private presents to these Sachems whom the Interpreter has given a list of to his Honr. & also to some of the principal Fighters

This Board are also of Opinion tht His honour should send a Message to the River & Schaaktekook Indians to be here at some certain day wch. His Honr. will name to them -

A Message from His Honour by Mr. Bangar. "That the Commissrs will draw up what he shall say "to the Indians relating to the Complaints made to "him of the Oneida Indians abt. breeching the Oswego Traders "in carrying their Goods over the carrying Place.

The Board are of Opinion that His honour say to them as follows

"Brethren "You may remember that you & "Your Ancestors have at sundry times since the "House at oswego was built, solemnly promised that "the Path should be open to ye from oswego, that the "Traders should meet with no Interuption in carrying of

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