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[Guy Johnson] Manuscript Journal, June 1, 1780 - June 13, 1780; Little Niagara

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back ward that there were not a Suffict. Number of Boats repaired and had I waited longer, The Operations of the Campaign might have put it out of my power to Visit you, & know your real Wants. Tho' I am {struck} I have however brought a few things for the relief of those who are in most want which I recommend you to distribute fairly to those who has {struck} them, & on your giving me Exact Returns of yr. people here, & at Jadaghque, I shall consider what farther may be done for you, at Niagara.

Brother, I am Extremely well pleased with your Conduct during the Spring, and happy to find that your War partys have returned Safe & Successfull, I have now brought a Small party of yr. Frinds with me, to go to War, and I expect they will be Joyned by several of your people at this place, whose hands I will strengthen with a Belt. [small gap in writing and use of different ink follows]

Then thanked them for the friendly reception they gave him Then {struck} related to them such Intelligences as had been received since the last News communicated to them, & Concluded with telling them that if they acted vigorously this Summer from the present aspect of affairs there was a good prospect of reducing the Rebels to submission.

To all which the Indians Assented and returned many thanks for his Speech.

After parting Colo. Johnson gave a War belt to Sandatenyata who was going out with Lt. Dachstedder, and another to the Bunts Son at his own desire who was going with 6 of this people At Night Sayengaraghta returned with {blank space to end of line} and reported the great difficulty they found in procuring the release of Miss Moore, wch. they had at length effected if Col. Johnson wou'd give them a Young Woman in her place & Calm the old Womans mind who had adopted her. This Night Col. Johnson ordd. & distributd. of prsts. & provisn.

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Saly. June 10th In the Morning the Delawares arrived with their prisoners. The whole agreeable to the following list. {Separated into boxes by lines} Prisoners-Names-No.-Scalps-By whom Taken-To whom given Men Philip Skelly-1-1-By the Onondagas Thos. Hamilton A Transport John Shirley-1 Dudley Dogherty-1-By the Delawares-To Col Johnson Anda. Dogerty Robt. Dogerty {his sons}-2 {all of the above indicated given to Col Johnson} John Plummer-1-12 Eli Plummer-1-To Lt. Col. Butler Womn. Anne Plummer Sarah Plummer {sisters}-2-By the Senecas Sarah Elder-1-By the Delawares-To Col. Johnson {Totals} 11-13

These Prisoners & Scalps were delivered up in From to Col Johnson Except Dudley & Robt. Dogherty with 2 Scalps, which they gave over to Lt. Dachstedder by way of Stopping his progress for the present & soon after the Bunt had a Secret Conference with Colo. Johnson in which he laid before him a large Old belt that camyongly from the Nanticoke of 25 Rows with White Zig Zag & a White Turtle at the end of it which the Onondagas delivered him to be used when a great party was to be Collected & proposed to Joyn it to his with a large party & that they wou'd return to Niagara for that purpose. Col Johnson ansd. them that he was ready to joyn his hands for that purpose but that it wod. be a work of time in the Mean While. Lt. Dachstedder might go & return as it wou'd be of great Consequences, to send an Intelligent Man to the Ft. Pitt Comr. to see to get a prisoner excepable of giving a full Acct. of Things.

At Noon the prisrs. were all paraded for the old Woman to take her choice of one of them for Miss Moore, when she made choice of Sarah Plummer

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Soon after the Little present was laid out & delivered to the Chiefs to be distributed to those in Most Want for which the Indians returned thanks, and promised to send all the Warriors that were ready with Lt. Dachstedder and having made Choices of those that were to go for provisions & necessaries to Niagara At 5 P.M. Colo. Johnson took his Leave & Embarked The Number of Indians who accompanied him were as follows Senecas - 12

Delawares - 46 Total 58
Long Gravelly point near 10 Miles from Kadaragaras which place Colo. Johnson called Powells Run.

Sunday 11th Embarked at 7. AM. Wind fair, at 8 it began to blow fresh passed Catfish Creek in an hour & an halfs Sailing but the Wind encreased & the Sea run So high that the Whole {struck}. They were obliged to put to Shore on a Beech at a point 5 Miles from Catfish Creek, where the Whole remained all day, The Small Boat was obliged to put in to Catfish Creek & did not come up till Night. Hard Wind at SW. all Night, wth. rain.

Monday 12th In the Morning it appeared more Moderate, but Hazy, launched the Boats at 9. AM. and Crossed to the point where the Lowland begins, Landed at

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Buffalo Creek at Noon, & after taking some refreshments Delivering some provns. Amn. & Clooths to Sayengaraghta (who was to go to his new Village) embarked at 2 PM. & Crossed to Fort Erie where a Compy. of Rangers were Just embarking in a Vessell for Detroit, here recd. Letter from Mr. Deare & proceeded down the River to Tanawanty up which Creek Went two miles found it a fine stream 6 feet deep 70 Yds. Wide, & very Gentle, The Land exceeding rich & a large Clearing at the Mouth. Descended the Creek & came to a Creek on the Great Island, a little below it where Encamped.

Tuesday 13th. Decamped & arrived at Ft. Schlosser at 9 AM. & proceeded by the Great falls to the Landg & from thence in a boat to Niagara, where arrived at 7 in the Eveng.

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{There appears to be text on this page, but it is illegible in the scan}

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G[uy] Johnson DS, "Abstract of Indians Cloathed", September 24, 1781 - March 25, 1781; s.l.

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Abstract of the several Nations of Indians, of Colonel Guy Johnson's Department Clothed: from the 24th: Septr. 1780-to 25th: March 1781. -

Men Women Childn. Totals
Senecas .713 .678 .521 1912-
Mohocks and Volunteers .115 .88 .116 .319-
Onondagas .263 .236 .112 .611-
Cayugas .307 .308 .205 .820
Oneida .198 .230 .147 .575-
Tuscaroras .176 .165 .107 .448-
Delawares, Nanticokes, &ca .549 .418 .253 1220-
Mifisagas .. 42 ..32 ..30 .104
2363. 2155. 1.491. 6009-
N. the fore going is the Number Cloathed by Mr. Thompson Indn. storekeeper & Exclusive of what was given as Usual to Chiefs and others by 'the Superintendent, the No. of War parties, then out will easily acct. for the Consumption then

G Johnson Colo. & Superintendent

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Abstract of Indians Cloathed between 24th Septr. 80. & do.[ditto] March 1781. in Col Johnsons Departmt.

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[Joseph Chew] Manuscript Document, "Remarks on the Acco[un]t", February 1782; s.l.

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In the Commissn. Statement of Colo. Johnsons Accot. They say three abstracts never Exhibited to any Comander in Chief amounting to £10,365.9.2

The Three Abstracts alluded to

Genrl. Hadlimand, Charge for his Warrant
dated in Febry 1782 on Acco' of Contingent
Colo Johnsons Accot. before the Board at
An Accot. of Sundries omitted by Colo.
among Colo. Johnsons Papers are Vouchers &c on Accot. of Contingent Expenses for more than the £1500. and if they are not better they are as good as those Colo. Butler produced for two Contingent Accot. that was paid him, and there is Scarcely a doubt of the Commissioners Allowing them

the Charge of £1233.7.5 there are Vouchers for the most of the Articles and Mr Chass believes he Can fully Explain the others

of the Accot. before the Board at Quebec £1999.13.1[?/] was allow'd

The Commissn. Charge Colo Johnson with £107.926.17.4
also with the amount of his Officers & men
Pay [?Ressd] by him before he got to Canada
where they had been paid [?] [?such] he gives
the Crown Credit for} 2550.15
Carried over £110.477..12.4

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Colo Johnsons Debit Bro' over £110,477:12;4

The Commissn allow £106,496.17.4
The Contingent Warrant that
surely must be Allowed} 1.500.. ..
The omissions Do {"ditto"}
Allowed by the Board at Quebec 1999.13.1¼
deduct for an Error in
Charging in the Accot of omissions
for a Sum that had been paid
to Sir Wm. Johnson in June 1774} £157.8.7½
The Baln. then due to Colo. Johnson Suppose all
the Sums not admitted at Quebec should be
disallowed by the Commissn will be . . . 524.14.15¾
The above is the Statement I Represented to Mr Rose at the Time I mentioned the Cruelty of any Part of Colo. Johnsons Compensation being detained under a Pretense of his owing Government money I think he was so [?Senseible] of the Justness of my Remarks that [?Even] Provided Colo Johnsons Accot. are not finally settled by time of Payment to the Loyalists - no part of his Compensation will be Stopped I very freely told both Mr Rose and Mr Steel the unfortunate Cause of Colo. Johnsons being Represented so much to his Prejudise

[The following lines of text are perpendicular to the main text in the lower right hand corner:] Joseph Chew, Remarks on the Accot Stated by the Commissn.

{The following is in light ink or pencil at the bottom of the right hand corner:} #703

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Major Snake, Cap[tai]n Johnny, Tho[ma]s Snake, and Chiaxy DS Copy to [Colonel McKee], March 20, 1785; Shawanese Town

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{Written in pencil in the upper left hand corner. Message Speech {struck} of the Shawanese & Mingoes Recd by Col McKee 11th March 1785}

Shawanese Town March 20th 1785

Recd. Apl. 11th Inst: the following Message from the Indians { this line appears to be crossed out with an "x" in pencil}


This Speech is from yr. Children the Shawanese, & Mingoes. You know the Windotts & Dellawares went to Council at Beaver Creek, where they met with a Man appointed by the American Congress to speak to them, (as he said,) who told them he was glad to see them, that he had something to tell them & that what was in his Breast he woud declare to them directly, saying, what Lands do you claim in this Part. take {struck} I ask you for a Piece of Ground, take Pity on me, & grant it if you say you will, I shall give you a great many Thousands of Dollars, and not only that, but shall give your Children what they may want, and will always con= =tinue giving them. The Dellawares agreed to their Proposals, and gave them a Tract of Land from the Mouth of Little Beaver Creek, across the Falls of big Beaver Creek to Cannawago and Lake Erie--

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