Great Britain Indian Department Collection, 1753-1795

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Manuscript Letter to "Mon pere" [William Johnson?], Undated; s.l.


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Albany Commissioners of Indian Affairs Reports, June 1753 - May 1755


Present Sybrant Van Schaik Recorder Hans Hanson Mayor John Beekman Jacob Ten Eick Col M Schuiler Cornelius Curler

at a Meeting of the Commifsioners of Indian Affairs at Albany January 13th 1755 the following Accounts Were Delivered at this Board & Examined

one account from Abraham Donne . . . . . £1"10"--- /D: from John Lansing . . . . . ---04"8--- /D: from John Fryer . . . . . 1"2"6--- /D: From Jacob Cooper . . . . . 3"18"6-- /D: Myndert Schuiler . . . . . 19"02"7-- /D: from Peter Winne . . . . . 19"08"0"1/2--- /D: Niclas Cuiler . . . . . --"3"----- /D: Jacob C. Ten Eyck . . . . . 25"3"2"--- /D: from Robert Sanders . . . . . 13"0"6--- /D: from Sybrant V. Schaik . . . . . 15"--"--"--- /D: from Robert Latterage . . . . . 14"17"6"--- /D: from John Beekman . . . . . 9"4"9"1/2--- /D: from Cornelius Cuiler . . . . . 59"11"3"--- /D: from Teady Magin . . . . . 10"--"--"--- /D: from Jacobus Clement . . . . . £194'3"2"--- ----16"--- 195"19"2

Resolved that the above account be paid Mr. John Beekman Be Pleased to Pay out of the Commifsioners Money Lodged in Your Hands the Several Above Accounts, Amounting to One Hundred & Ninety five Pounds, Nineteen Shillings & Two Pence & their Receipt Shall Be Your Discharge

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to Condale the Death ^(of a great ) man, As Also to [crossed out][Caderoggu?] and When they Came In Caneda they Were All Draught for Cagnewage, [crossed out] the Interpreter Cleard their Eyes Opend their Hearts ^(&c) As In the [usuel?] Ceremony.

then the Officer Stood up & Said Childeren Our governour you Expect to Se here, is Gone to Quebeck, and Desires you to go there Also.

The Seashems Replyed of other What you Desire us, We Intend Not to Doe, for the Cold Weather is Nigh at hand & Want to Go home Again.

Still the Officer Insisted on their Going then the Seashems Consulted Each Other, & Resolved Not to go.

Then there Was a Post sent to Quebick & Was In ten Days Back Again

Then the Commanding Officer took 3 string at [Wourpon?] and said Childeren I am glad to see you here. But it seems that the Whole Number of the five Nations Are Not here, [?Janis] the Mohack. I am very Sorry that this man, who Was a father to you is Now Dead (meaning the former Commanding ^( officer)) the Governour of Quebeck Intends to go to Old frenc & that an Other Governour Shall Come In his Room Next Spring & he Shall Treat With them In the Spring When he hoped they Would All Be there together then he Desired the Onendage Seachems, to tell his Childeren the Mohacks, Certeinly to Come, In the Spring and Was to be affreid, that there Was No harm.

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113 Present Col Schuiler Cap Winne Cap Renselaar

At a meeting at the Commissioners of Indian Affairs At Albany Aprill 22th 1755

Resolved that the following Instructions Be given to the Recorder

Instructions for Sibrant G: C: Schaick Esqr: Recorder one of the Commissioners of Indian Affairs

Pursuant to an order of his Honour the Leut Gover: Directing us to Send up Som proper Person and the Interpreter Among the Indians to Disswade them from Going to Meet the french at Montreal & to use All Argument for that Purpose; and to acquaint the two Castles of the Mohack, that he Will take Care of their Security as Soon as Possible; by fortifying their Castles In Case of Need. And Whereas the Six Nations have Ingaged themselves Last fall to to Send Delegates to Montreal You are [crossed out] to Go from hence With All Conveni[ent] Speed to Schonegtande Where Arent Stevins is to Attend You as Interpreter from thence you are to Proceed to the Mohacks, Where You are to use, All Arguments Which You May think Necessary to Disswade them from Going to Canada, & Also Condole the Death of [Canegquenie?] & from thence to [buendage?], Where You are to follow the Said Directions, from thence to Cainga, & the Senecas Contry if the Case, Should Require. & Perswade them to Be firm In his Majeys[Majesty's] Interest & Stay home untill further Orders Given under Our hands, At Albany the 19th D of Aprill 1755

Present the Mayor the Recorder Coll Schuiler Cap Renselaar At a meeting of the Comm: &c: at Albany Aprill 21th 1755 Schanegrade a Principal Seachem from Cainga Appeared to this Board. Who Says he Was Sent as a Message, to Inform ^(us) that they Are In distress : & as By the Old Covenant made By Our Ancesters, they Were to Apply to this Board for Assistance, Particularly to [begin crossed out]Col: S:[end crossed out] Queter (Col Schuiler) he Accordingly Now Begs of this Board, to Supply them With Powder & Shott ^(to) Shute Som Berds for their Children to Buil Breath With, he Says [crossed out] that there is Almost a femine In their Contry

then Gave few Strings of Wampum

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