A. Dunn ALS to Madame, January 19, 1877; s.l.


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Jany 19 1877


I have interviewed Mr Hammell's Son and obtained following. Mr Gordon came to [??] Brown's School by with reputation of being an heir to large properties South and with the idea that some of his relatives were trying to get his money. He also behaved badly while there and ran away twice each time being brought back by his Guardian

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who they think lived in Phila,, the last time he ran away he left Sundry debts unpaid also Dr Browns bill which was eventually paid by his Guardian. This they are not positive of having it only in remembrances. Same being told to Dr Hammell by Dr Brown

I received letter from the son of Geo H Brown who says they are progressing in their search.

Yrs Alex Dunn

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A Dunn Jan 19, 1877

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