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This is to certify that I have let and rented
unto William H. King my furniture house and
premise, situate on the corner of Touro and
Mill Street in Newport Rd.

{left margin: postage stamp 50 c}

For the winter term, or season, commencing
at this date, and ending on the first day of June
1864: For the rent or sum of, Five hundred
and fifty dollars, payable, one half, on or
before the first day of December next and the
remainder, on the first day of April 1864,

And I hereby agree to put in plumbing [word??]
into the house to include a bath and Water closet,
- together with a new range, as soon as practicable,
during this month of November.

And to leave the premises, and furniture
for the use of said King in [good] [order?]

Given under my hand and seal
this 11th day of November A. D. Eighteen hundred
and sixty three.

In presence of
Amelia le Gough

A Smith

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