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To the Honorable Charles Matteson, Chief Justice of the
Supreme Court:

Respectfully represents your petitioner the under-
signed, as follows: That William Henry King of Newport
is now in the City of Providence and is insane and that the
welfare of the said William Henry King and of others requires
him to be placed in a hospital for the insance and to
be restrained.

Wherefore it is prayed that your honor may forthwith
appoint not less than three commissioners to inquire into
the condition of the said William Henry King and to report
all facts connected with or bearing upon the same, together
with their opinion whether said William Henry King, if insane,
should be placed in such hospital for cure and restraint.

And further that your honor may make such order in
the premises as the nature of the case may require and as
the statute may provide, and also that, as your petitioner
is advised, that the said William Henry King is in a condi-
tion when it is important in order to prevent him from do-
ing injury to himself and to others that he be immediately
restrained, that your Honor may issue a warrant for his
apprehension and an order that he be committed to the Butler
Hospital for the insance, pending such inquisition, in order
to insure that said William Henry King shall be present
to be examined by the commissioners and to abide your honor's
final order upon said inquisition.

And as in duty bound will ever pray your petitioner,
who is guardian of the person and estate of said William
Henry King duly appointed and one of his next of kin.

George Gordon King, Guardian of William H.
King, and one of his next of kin.

Subscribed and sworn to in the
City of Providence this 9 day of November, A. D. 1894,
Before me, William G. Roelker, Notary Public.
W. G. Roelker for petitioner.

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