Letter from D. W. Cluff, 24 July 1893 [LE 13946]


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If bro. cluff should adopt him let him take his name - or Cluff - He would then be called William Cluff. J. F. S.

Pima July 24th 1893

To President, W. Woodruff,

Dear Brother I have a little matter I wish to ask - your council on. a few days ago a young Lammonite came to our house & asked for a home. he is about 16 years old he does not remember any thing about his parents he was stollen by the whites when quite young goes by the name of William his parents name he does not no this is the point I wish your council on he has a dezire to be babtized.

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D. W. Cluff July 25 '93.

pleas tell me what name to give him, before he is babtized, so his work will be done right, he speeks plain English cant peek his own tongue. can read & write some, he has no bad ways habbits, or actions has the apeance of a smart young man.

Bro. Woodruff if this little matter is not beneath your notice pleas let me here from you soon. and Oblige Your Brother in the Gospel

{D. W. Cluff. {Pima, {Graham Co {U.T.

I am a Nephew to President W. W. Cluff, at Coalville U. T.

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