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The Basket-Ball Game

[image pencil drawing head and shoulders of an Edwardian lady wearing a large hat, in front of a basket-ball hoop]

[in pencil: the apology ommitted) spoils it]

It rained, or rather drizzled on Monday
so after consulting an almanac the Bas-
ket Ball game had to postpone itself to
Friday the 21st. Friday is an unlucky
day as every one knows, and although the alman-
ac predicted fine and mild we ran the risk of

Everybody (that is a few girls and an un-
usual majority of men) was on hand to witness
the game. Mr Carlisle acted as referee. He
seemed fully aware of the dangers of his pos-
ition (a rose among so many thorns) and no
doubt the instinct of self-preservation made
him endeavor to keep on the right side of the
girls. Anyway he seemed anxious to justify
himself, in their eyes, for all his decisions.
Our Willie was also present, walking-cane
and all, He was timid, and probably the

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