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dulcet (?) tones in his "Score! University, Score!"
Had a somewhat disconcerting effect on the
home team. Provost games was on hand for
the first toss-up, but no doubt deciding "dis-
cretion to be the better part of valor," he
withdrew and witnessed the game from a
second-story window. Mr. Ryan's cherubic
countenance shone from the same aperature.

The ground was all that could be
desired after the rain and wind. The
"dirty earth" was "such a charming spot"
on which to rest - when you had to.
The two teams placed themselves as follows:
E.C.I. ex-students - Goal - Pearl Johnston
and Ella Lind (in speaking of foreigners we
may omit the Miss) Defense - Mary
Harvey and Minnie Craig. Centre - Mabel
Reid. Wings - Gertrude Hodge and Bella

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