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didn't hand him the hat, where at the Royal Face
became very red and looked displeased; likewise
the Principal, seeing what the giddy man had
done, felt jolly bad, also became red and looked
displeased because - he didn't get his Sovereign's
sovereign! At this we laughed and clapped our
hands, and the Principal resumed his seat and
wouldn't tell us any more stories. Then, because he
wouldn't, our chairman told us to have another
drink because he was going to ask the Provost to tell
us something about the "Arts Faculty"

Dr. James, having supped rather heartily
rose rather slowly, smiled on us rather tenderly and
said very deliberately that as he wouldn't talk
about great Kings, he would say a few words about
great things; but seeing that we had all, like
himself, supped unstintingly he feared we
couldn't digest his great thoughts and our supper
simultaneously: therefore he would speak in a

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